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The Dog and The Sun

Gabriella Quiñones

Written by Gabriella Quiñones

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Once, in a land far away, there was a little black dog. Every morning he would get up very early so that, after he got breakfast, he could watch the first sliver of the sun come up. The dog thought the sun was beautiful, especially in the morning, when its peachy rays cast themselves upon the clouds, if there were any.

The dog decided to plant a sunflower in the meadow, and as soon as he did it, soon sprouted into a large bright yellow flower.

But one day, gray clouds clotted the sky. The dog waited for the sun's warm rays to dance down to him, but the clouds choked them out. The dog howled and howled, but for 10 days and 10 nights, the clouds plunged the dog’s meadow into darkness, but the dog would always tell himself the sun would come up tomorrow.

The dog started to believe the sun would never come, when he spotted his sunflower. It had been so bright in all the darkness of the night, but now that he was losing hope, it wilted.

“If I give up, this sunflower will die, the sun will never come out, and all will be lost.”
The dog decided.

So the dog’s hope returned, and he believed with all his heart that the sun would come back. A heavenly yellow parted the clouds. The clouds soon dissolved, and the light seeped back into the sky.

Oranges, yellows, and pinks radiated in the air, staining the dog’s fur.
“The sun is back!”

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