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Retrospective Databases

We are currently focused on the study of low and high grade gliomas, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas/CP angle tumors, and metastatic tumors through our 10-year institutional database. For each tumor type, we focus on the following target areas:

  1. Defining appropriate inpatient and longitudinal outcome measures
  2. Investigating radiographic and clinical factors predictive of iatrogenic injury or poor outcome
  3. Investigating patient and operative factors contributing to perioperative morbidity and mortality
  4. Assessing the efficacy of various surgical techniques and synthetic agents in the prevention of CSF leak and pseudomeningocele formation (for acoustic neuromas)
  5. Investigating laboratory parameters of endocrinopathy predictive of response to surgical treatment (for pituitary tumors)
  6. Investigating novel radiographic measures to predict histological grade and overall survival (for low and high grade gliomas)
  7. Studying histological characteristics predictive of tumor recurrence (for meningiomas)

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