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Core B: Bioenergetics

Mitochondrial dysfunction has long been a consistent observation in Parkinson's disease. To understand the consequences of Parkinson's disease causing genetic mutations on the function of mitochondria, the Bioenergetics Core B will provide the following analyses to the three projects in this program including: measuring rates of respiration, oxygen consumption and ATP generation, measuring calcium dynamics, measuring reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species, measuring the activity of the electron transport chain enzymes and metabolic enzymes, and measuring plasma versus mitochondrial membrane potential and mitochondrial membrane permeability. The Bioenergetics Core B is a shared resource of the Program.

For Project 1, it will measure these indices in cellular and animal models of AIMP2 over expression.

For Project 2, the Core will measure electron transport chain enzymes and metabolic enzymes and reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species in the various models of alpha-synuclein mediated neuronal injury.

For Project 3, all measures of mitochondrial function will be conducted to characterize the LRRK2 knockout and LRRK2 transgenic mice. Thus this Core will play a central and integrated role in the investigations in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease of this program.

Team Members

Valina Dawson, PhD (Principal Investigator)


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