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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Research Advances

spotlight on research

Spotlight on Research
This month’s Spotlight on Research in the Quiñones Lab focuses on the work of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Ahmed Mohyeldin and his work on a rare bone cancer that may offer important clues to help the fight against brain cancer. Find out what Dr Mohyeldin has discovered.

stem cell luncheon

Featured Video: Stem Cell Luncheon, Summer 2010
The 2nd Annual Johns Hopkins Stem Cell Luncheon, which took place on July 31, 2010, brought in almost 200 brain cancer patients, family, and friends. Watch a video and see more pictures of the stem cell luncheon.


Patient Stories

Max San Roman

Interview with a Patient: Max San Roman
Guillermo Vela, a master’s student in the Quiñones lab, sat down with Mr San Roman to hear his story and how his life has changed after being treated by Dr Quiñones for a grade II Astrocytoma. Find out why this patient traveled all the way from Peru to Dr Q's clinic.

Josue Hernandez Hervas

One Patient's Story: Jose Hernandez Hervas
13-year-old Josué Hern'andez Hervás was treated by Dr Quiñones for a cervical intramedullary spinal cord tumor that traveled from the medulla at the base of his spine down to his spinal cord. Read more about this young patient's amazing story.


Special Feature

Gabbie Quinones
Gabbie Q Shares a Story
Dr Quinones' daughter has written a story entitled, "The Dog and The Sun," which is a wonderful tale of faith and hope. Hear Gabbie read her story online.

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