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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Past Intern Research Projects

InternProject Title
Jacob EnnalsGeneration and expression of osteopontin deletion mutants
Lena HarrisA case study in schizophrenia
Khadeijah Palmer-RhodesDevelopment of a drug for spinal muscular atrophy
Deandria SpencerMotor deficits in a mouse model of ALS
Vivian UkegbuUse of a mouse model to study behavioral disorders
Taylor AlexanderNeuroprotection exploratory trials in Parkinson's Disease
Morgan CarringtonMapping the progression of loss of function in the frontotemporal dementias
Erin DickersonImpact of chemokines on housekeeping gene expression
Tunisia EllisManagement of neurofibromatosis
Michiko KennedyUse of an animal model to study the ketogenic diet
Asia LynnThe impact of hospital lighting on patient sleep quality
Sakiera MaloneHistological analyses of brain sections from epileptic patients
Gabrielle ThomasImpact of chemokines on housekeeping gene expression
Nishelle BriceThe relationship between weather and stroke occurrence
Jerome HillMolecular tools to phenotype mice
Ellison JamesDynamic visual acuity
Candice LyleCase study of a patient with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Teri PorterTourette Syndrome
Amandeep SamraThe relationship between body position and CSF pressure
Ashley Van-VeenMeasurement of vibration in adrenomyeloneuropathy
Kimberly WilliamsTools used to measure CSF pressure
Cherry AbdouImpact of cytokines on blood-barrier function
Eyoha BayuTesting of neuroprotective compounds in an in vitro assay
Tarik BayuEvaluation of trends in surgical treatment for acute ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage
Nicole CoppolaTraumatic brain injury: A report
Shakira GaskinsIn vivo models for ALS
Destiny HarrodAutism spectrum disease model
Mariah HeathTools in molecular biology
Farah KhanThe effect of psychostimulants on locomotion in transgenic mice
Aniqa TasnimThe role of BACE1 in myelin sheath formation
Kelby WestonNeuromyelitis optica
Lea WilliamsChanges in CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell numbers in the spleen during acute infection of macaques with SIV
Hema ArikalaDevelopment of an improved HIV-1 reporter virus
Hiba FarahThe role of GABA-responsive neurons in epilepsy
Martha FloresClearance of myelin axonal debris in BACE1 knockout mice
Diamond GreeneThe effect of anti-retroviral drugs on neuronal integrity
Lili MoThe role of gastrin-releasing peptide in modulating food intake
Raechel MattisonReducing autistic symptoms in children with and without tuberous sclerosis
Christiana ObengThe association between gastrointestinal stromal tumors and neurofibromatosis type I
Erica RichardsonDevelopment of an ELISA to detect platelet activation
Erin RichardsonThe role of genetic risk factors for psychiatric disorders in brain development
Chanel Nicole ScottIdentification of triggers for severe self-injurious behaviors in children
Hawi SorsuUse of a mouse model to study the role of synaptic plasticity in Rett Syndrome
Franz VirtudesMolecular biology tools used in brain tumor research
Thrisann Weathers

Under reporting of infestation of CPAP machines

Mina Al-SalihiAnalyzing the role of Fig4 in the pathogenesis of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Pereviva BesongMindfulness: reducing stress and increasing medical adherence in HIV patients
Chase DewsStem cells: Making Myelin one mouse at a time
Leah HillHIV GP120:Inflammation in the Brain
Shanquel HolmanContinuous performance test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Darin JohnsonA study of Neurogenesis
Sabah MuktarModulating Spinal Excitability with Direct Current Stimulation
Shishiri NaganyoneThe clinical and pathological features in late-life frontotemporal dementia
Iyanuoluwa OnibatedoThe role of PD1 in Multiple Sclerosis
Himadri PatelThe Kinereach Experiment
Denise RomanThe Bloomberg Children's Center: A Center of Excellence for Children with Mood Disorders
Tamara SimmsMultiple domains of Osteopontin enhance HIV replication in HeLa cells
Joshua VillanuevaThe effect of Retinoic Acid on the proliferation of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) cells
Ferlyn VirtudesNeuroprotective trials in Parkinson's Disease
Keshara CochraneThe effect of dendrimer HDAC inhibitors on activated microglial cells
Asia ColeAnxiety: The negative effects mental illnesses have on a child’s physical, mental, social and behavioral development
Chardone't HandyDevelopment of educational tools to inform the public about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Leshaia Davis-JohnsonLength of stay evaluation in child and adolescent psychiatry
Rodden ReyesNanofiber nerve guide for peripheral nerve repair and regeneration
Raven FieldsA randomized placebo trial for Rett Syndrome
Bianca MillerLipid levels and sleep in adolescent ages 16-19
Omar Joyce, JrBDNF: underlying factor in ischemia and epilepsy
Surayyah KhanReduced TNFR1 and NFkappaB expression in the brain of BACE1 transgenic mice
Shawnita CuretonIdentification of cells in the central nervous system expressing osteopontin
Jayla HubbardThe effect of bisphenol A on adult neurogenesis
Briceson RoyNatural products as tools to explore novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of depression

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