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Completed Studies

HAART Study: (CIT2)

Purpose: To evaluate effectiveness of various HIV-drug (antiretroviral) regimens.
Criteria: Must be getting ready to change or start HIV-drug cocktail, and your doctor is aware of your interest in this study.
Contact: 443-799-7257

This clinical trial ended January 2012

Minocycline Study

Purpose: To evaluate if Minocycline helps to improve cognitive impairment.
Contact: 410-955-1895


  • Stable HIV-drug (antiretroviral) cocktail for at least 16 weeks.
  • Trouble remembering things, trouble doing simple tasks quickly.
  • An HIV-drug regimen with Reyataz (Atazanavir) is now allowed

NOTE: Closed for enrollment; clinical trial ended 2010
NIH Study Report

A Randomized, Rater-Blinder Study to Explore the Effect of Mefloquine in Subjects with Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)

Purpose: To explore whether Mefloquine can delay of stop progression of PML measured by JCV DNA levels in CSF, and to explore whether Mefloquine can delay or stop progression of PML based on Neurological deterioration, MRI measures of the brain lesion evolution or the formation of new lesions, and mortality.

Contact: 410-502-7611

This clinical trial ended September, 2010


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Clinical Perspectives

HANSA 2011 Presentations

View a presentation by Dr Justin McArthur entitled "NeuroAIDS Research Needs in the Era of HAART."
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