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Dr Bumpus’ Lab Resources


Equipment important to this project within the Division of Clinical Pharmacology:

  • four centrifuges,
  • two SpeedVacs,
  • three -20°C, four -80°C freezers,
  • two fume hoods,
  • and tissue culture equipment (three biosafety cabinets, four incubators)

Analytical methodologies include:

  • Guilford spectrophotometer,
  • Kinetic Microplate reader,
  • two complete Alliance-controlled HPLC systems,
  • one Alliance-controlled UPLC systems,
  • inline fluorescence,
  • and radioisotope detectors

Two AB Sciex API4000 UPLC/MS/MS system, an AB Sciex API5000 UPLC/MS/MS system and an AB Sciex API5500 UPLC/MS/MS system, and their supporting nitrogen generator and computers occupy a dedicated 300 ft2 of climate-controlled lab space.

Equipment within Dr Bumpus’ laboratory

EppendorfMasterplex 4s real-time PCR with laptop computer; shaking waterbaths; EppendorfMastercycler gradient PCR; refrigerated table-top centrifuge (Eppendorf); chromatography refrigerator (VWR); -20ºC upright freezer; equipment for agarose and 1-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; gel imaging system.

Team Members

Namandje Bumpus, PhD


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