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Patient Stories

Learn more about the Johns Hopkins Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery through the eyes of our patients.

Video StillVideo Description
Jeannie describing her surgeryJeannie's Story
A viral infection left Jeannie with epilepsy that couldn't be controlled by medication. Drs. Gregory Krauss and William Anderson removed the injured brain tissue. Fifteen months later, Jeannie is seizure-free and enjoying life.
David enjoying the outdoorsDavid's Story
Two accidents and surgeries left David unable to stand up straight or live the active life he loved. Over two days, Dr. Daniel Sciubba reconstructed David's spine so he could stand tall again.
AmyAmy's Story
At just 47 years old, Amy wasn't expecting a stroke would leave her unable to identify or communicate with her own family members. See how the expertise of Dr. Rafael Llinas helped her get the diagnosis and treatment she needed.
Michelle in her kitchenMichelle's Story
The debilitating facial pain of trigeminal neuralgia prevented Michelle from enjoying the simple pleasures of life like cooking and cycling with her husband. See how microvascular decompression surgery performed by Dr. Michael Lim made her life sweet again.
Sofia's story: Skull base tumorSofia's Story
Diagnosed with an inoperable malignant skull base tumor, Sofia, a Connecticut teenager, came to Johns Hopkins and had her tumor removed with a transnasal endoscopic approach by Johns Hopkins skull base neurosurgeon, Dr. Gary Gallia and otolaryngologist, Dr. Masaru Ishii.
Jill's story: Brain tumorJill's Story
Watch as Hollywood stunt woman Jill recounts what led her to travel to Baltimore have surgery at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center after she was diagnosed with a benign convexity meningioma brain tumor.
Adam's Story: brain tumorAdam's Story
Diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused obstructive hydrocephalus, Adam traveled to Johns Hopkins and received treatment at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center.
Jeffrey's Story: dystoniaJeffrey's Story
After being diagnosed with the movement disorder, dystonia, at a young age, Jeffrey received deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine to manage his symptoms. Hear from Jeffrey, his neurologist, Dr. Zoltan Mari and neurosurgeon, Dr. Frederick Lenz.
Adam's Story: Spinal cord tumorAdam's Story
A rare spinal cord tumor was compressing nerves to 10 year-old Adam’s lungs. After traveling to three different countries, Adam and his family found hope with Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. George Jallo.
Ashley's Story: Pseudotumor cerebriAshley's Story
After visiting 30+ physicians, Ashley was diagnosed with the rare condition known as pseudotumor cerebri. She turned to Johns Hopkins whose experts worked as a team to implant a stent, a new approach to treating this condition.
Connor's Story: Pediatric brain surgeryConnor's Story
Four-year-old Connor said his arm kept falling asleep. Doctors found that he was having seizures caused by a benign brain tumor. Connor’s family shares their experience with pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Edward Ahn.
Jack's story: Pediatric CraniosynostosisJack's Story
Born with pediatric craniosynostosis, Jack had minimally invasive surgery performed by pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Edward Ahn to correct the skull defect while he was still an infant.
Perspectives on healingPerspectives on Healing
Healing is more than medicine. Hear intimate conversations about the importance of knowing the whole patient; from the perspective of patients and caregivers alike.
Dr Moreau's Story: Spine Tumor SurgeryDr. Moreau's Story
Watch Dr. Louis Moreau, who was diagnosed and treated for an ependymoma spinal cord tumor, share his experience with Dr. Ziya Gokaslan.
Sharon's Story: Skull Base tumor surgerySharon's Story
Sharon and her physicians, neurosurgeon Dr. Quinones and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Boahene, share how they removed a skull base meningioma tumor through her eyelid.
Video: Javier's storyJavier's Story
Javier and his family share their experience at Johns Hopkins Medicine, after seeking treatment following a diagnosis of a Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma (JNA) tumor.
Carlos Luceno patient videoCarlos Luceno's Story
Diagnosed with a grade II astrocytoma brain tumor, Carlos Luceno is currently living with brain cancer. Carlos is receiving his treatment and care from Dr Henry Brem.
Felice Dorman patient videoFelice Dorman's Story
Felice Dorman lived with neck pain for years. She then visited the Johns Hopkins Spine Center and Dr. Ziya Gokaslan.
Les Picker patient videoLester Picker's Story
Dr. Raphael Tamargo "clips" an aneurysm on the ophthalmic nerve of patient Lester Picker, preventing it from rupturing.
Marissa Eickenhorst patient videoMarissa Eickenhorst's Story
Diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor, Marissa discusses her treatment and care from Dr. Alessandro Olivi.
Nancy Baron patient videoNancy Baron's Story
Nancy Baron's brain tumor was treated at the first hospital in MD with a dual-room intraoperative CT scanner and image-guided surgery system for neurosurgery.
Olachi Mezu patient videoDr. Olachi Mezu's Story
Patient Dr Olachi Mezu suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm while traveling. When another hospital wanted to discharge her, she turned to Hopkins.
Rod Ball patient videoRoderick Ball's Story
Diagnosed with a schwannoma tumor (schwannomatosis), Roderick Ball Jr., and his family came to Johns Hopkins to have the tumor, which had grown through his abdomen, lower back and spinal column, treated.
Steven McDonough patient videoSteven McDonough's Story
Teenager Steven McDonough was diagnosed with a tumor in his spinal cord. He and his mother share their story, along with his doctor Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. George Jallo.

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