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Cerebrovascular Disorders: Aneurysms, Unruptured Aneurysm and AVMs

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Podcast: Aneurysms, Unruptured Aneurysms, and AVMs

Neurosurgeon Judy Huang, MD, discusses the detection and treatment of cerebrovascular disorders...

Date: 02/21/2011

Neurosurgeon Judy Huang discusses the detection and treatment of cerebrovascular disorders, including aneurysms, unruptured aneurysms and arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

Program Notes:

0:14    Focus on treating diseases that involve the blood supply to the brain
1:01    These disorders affect people in the prime of life
2:01    May be a natural weakness in the blood vessel wall
3:00    Screening for aneurysm if you have two or more relatives
4:00    Arteriovenous malformations are present at birth
5:00    Bleeds tend to happen deep within the brain
6:01    The risk of bleeding over the patient’s lifetime taken into account
7:02    Both endovascular and traditional surgical approach available
8:08    If there aren’t any immediate problems there is time for evaluation
9:01    AVMs can present in a variety of ways
10:05 End


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