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Patient Stories

Learn more about our patients’ experiences by watching the videos of their stories.

Brain Tumor Center Patient Stories

With thousands of neurosurgeries performed each year– our patients have access to the most highly specialized care available. See the personal stories shared by our brain tumor surgery patients. View all stories.

Featured Story

photo of Jill Brown

Meningioma brain tumor: Jill’s story

Hollywood stunt woman, Jill, found out that she had a large benign convexity meningioma crowding her brain after an accident on the job. Jill recounts why she travelled from her home in Los Angeles to Baltimore to receive treatment from Dr. Alessandro Olivi.


Spine Center Patient Stories

While each patient’s treatment experience is unique, we hope that by sharing these spine surgery stories, you will see why people come to Johns Hopkins for world-renowned, individualized care. View all stories.

Featured Story

Spine tumor patient Aaron

Spinal Cord Tumor (Schwannoma): Aaron's story

Aaron, an avid runner from Delaware, was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor pressing on his nerves. Surgery was necessary, but the risks were high. Spine neurosurgeon Ali Bydon met with Aaron and together they chose a strategy. 


Cerebrovascular Surgery Patient Stories

Our comprehensive team of cerebrovascular specialists including neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and neurologists, is dedicated to providing the best care and outcomes to our patients with cerebrovascular disorders. View all stories.

Featured Stories

photo of Amy, Johns Hopkins patient

Stroke: Amy's Story

At just 47 years old, Amy wasn't expecting a stroke would leave her unable to identify or communicate with her own family members. Dr. Rafael Llinas helped her get the diagnosis and treatment she needed.

photo of Dr. Mezu, Johns Hopkins Aneurysm Center patient

Ruptured brain aneurysm: Dr. Olachi Mezu's Story

Patient Dr. Mezu suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm while traveling. After another hospital wanted to discharge her, she turned to Dr. Judy Huang.

Epilepsy Surgery Patient Stories

Surgery for epilepsy may sound drastic, but operative procedures may offer lasting relief for seizures that can't be controlled with medications. See how experts at the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center offer hope to patients with challenging seisures.

Featured Story

Jeannie and her husband Josh

Epilepsy Surgery: Jeannie's Story

Jeannie had seizures that couldn't be controlled by medication. Specialists from Johns Hopkins' Epilepsy Center performed surgery on the part of her brain where the seizures originated, and fifteen months later, Jeannie is seizure-free and enjoying life.


Functional Neurosurgery Patient Stories

People diagnosed with movement disorders such as dystonia and Parkinson’s disease, and conditions like epilepsy may benefit from surgery. Watch to see why patients seek the expertise of Johns Hopkins neurologists and neurosurgeons.

Featured Story

photo of Michelle, a trigeminal neuralgia sufferer

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Michelle's Story

Michelle's debilitating facial pain from trigeminal neuralgia prevented her from working, speaking and enjoying even simple pleasures. See how microvascular decompression surgery performed by Dr. Michael Lim gave Michelle her life back.

Pediatric Neurosurgery Patient Stories

With a team of internationally recognized pediatric neurosurgeons – our pediatric patients have access to the latest treatments available as well as compassionate family-centered care. View all stories.

Featured Story

photo of Connor, Johns Hopkins pediatric brain tumor patient

Benign brain tumor: Connor's Story

Four-year-old Connor said his arm kept falling asleep. Doctors found that he was having seizures caused by a benign brain tumor. Connor’s family shares their experience with pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Edward Ahn.


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