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Brain Tumor

photo of Jill Brown

Meningioma brain tumor: Jill’s story

Hollywood stunt woman, Jill, found out that she had a large benign convexity meningioma crowding her brain after an accident on the job. Jill recounts why she travelled from her home in Los Angeles to Baltimore to receive treatment from Dr. Alessandro Olivi.


photo of Sofia

Skull base tumor: Sofia’s story

Watch as Connecticut teenager, Sofia, and her father share how neurosurgeon, Dr. Gary Gallia treated Sofia’s thought-to-be inoperable malignant skull base tumor using a transnasal endoscopic approach.


photo of Adam

Third ventricular brain tumor: Adam's Story

In 2011, Adam was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was causing him to have obstructive hydrocephalus. Adam opted to travel from Kansas City, Mo., to Johns Hopkins and receive care from Dr. Alessandro Olivi.


photo of Carlos Luceno, Johns Hopkins brain tumor patient

Brain tumor: Carlos's Story

Carlos is currently living with brain cancer. Diagnosed with a grade II astrocytoma brain tumor, Carlos is receiving his treatment and care from Dr. Henry Brem.


photo of Sharon, a Johns Hopkins brain tumor patient

Skull base meningioma tumor: Sharon's Story

Sharon and her physicians, neurosurgeon Dr. Quinones and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Boahene, share how they removed a skull base meningioma tumor through her eyelid – a new, minimally-invasive treatment.


photo of Javier, a Johns Hopkins brain tumor patient

Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma (JNA) tumor: Javier's Story

Javier and his family share their experience at Johns Hopkins Medicine, after seeking treatment following a diagnosis of a Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma tumor.


one patient's perspective on compassionate nursing

Perspectives on Healing

Healing is more than medicine. Hear intimate conversations about the importance of compassionate nursing; told from the patient and her caregivers.


photo of Marissa, a Johns Hopkins brain tumor patient

Brain tumor: Marissa’s Story

Diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor, Marissa discusses her treatment and care from Dr. Alessandro Olivi.


photo of Nancy, a Johns Hopkins brain tumor patient

Benign brain tumor: Nancy's Story

Nancy’s brain tumor was removed by an expert team, skilled at treating the most difficult cases. Dr. Alessandro Olivi and Dr. Ali Bydon describe the dual-room intraoperative CT scanner, a technically-advanced image-guided surgery system, one of the few in the region.


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