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Syllabus and Lecture Information

Week 1: Course Overview: HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders: A persisting problem
Class Overview:  Amanda Brown, MD, PhD

Week 2: Introduction: HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Ned Saktor, MD

Week 3: Introduction to Retroviruses
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Vivek Nerukar, PhD

Week 4: Clinical research techniques and cultural competence
Lecture: Justin C McArthur, MD, MBBS, MPH
Journal Discussion: Ned Saktor, MD

Week 5: Cultural sensitivity in neurophysiological scales for HIV dementia
Lecture: TBD
Journal Discussion: Valerie Wojna, MD

Week 6: Pathology in Neuro-AIDS
Lecture: M. Christine Zink, DVM, PhD
Journal Discussion: Carlos Pardo, MD

Week 7: Surrogate and host genetic markets
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Norman Haughey, PhD, and Loyda Melendez Aponte, PhD

Week 8: Imaging Techniques in Neuro-AIDS
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Martin Pomper, MD, and Linda Chang, MD

Week 9: Arterial Spin Labeling in Neuro-AIDS
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Beau Ances, MD, PhD

Week 10: animal models for HIV dementia and drug abuse
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Joseph Mankowski, PhD

Week 11: Viral genetics and cellular reservoirs
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Janice Clements, PhD, and Kenneth Williams, PhD

Week 12: Neuropathogenics of HIV infection and IRIS
Lecture/Journal Discussion: TBD

Week 13: Drug development for HIV dementia
Lecture/Journal Discussion: TBD

Week 14: Ethics in Neuro-AIDS research in minority populations and international settings
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Richard T. Johnson, MD, and Bruce Shiramizu

Week 15: Career building: Finding a mentor and nurturing the relationship
No online lecture, live discussion only
Faculty: Richard T. Johnson, MD, or Justin C McArthur, MD, MBBS, MPH

Week 16: Career Building: Balancing career and family — personal experiences
No online lecture, live discussion only
Faculty: Valerie Wojna, MD, Loyda Melendez Aponte, PhD, and Amanda Brown, MD, PhD


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