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Blaustein Pain Grand Rounds

Past Presentations


LecturerPresentation title/Topic
9/6/2013Dan Morhaim, M.D."The Better End: Surviving (and Dying) in Today's Modern Medical World"
9/13/2013John Markman, M.D."Medical Therapy for Neurogenic Claudication: The Current Evidence"
9/20/2013Jasenka Borzan, Ph.D."Rodent Ultrasonic Signals: Can We Dissociate Pain from Fear?"
9/27/2013Jennifer Haythornthwaite, Ph.D."Broadening the Perspective on Personalized Pain Management"
10/4/2013Jing Wang, M.D., Ph.D."Central Processing of Chronic Pain"
10/18/2013Feng Tao, Ph.D."Stress and pain Transition after Surgery"
10/25/2013Lakshmi Devi, Ph.D."Opioid Receptor Heterodimerization in Analgesia and Addiction"
11/1/2013David Seminowicz, Ph.D."Imaging How Brain Resing State Activity Changes with Ongoing Pain, Development of Chronic Pain and Interventions"
11/8/2013David Clark, M.D., Ph.D."CRPS: Manifestations and Mechanisms"
11/22/2013Edgar T. Walters, Ph.D."Primary Afferent Neurons and TRPV1 Channels Drive Chronic Pain After Spinal Cord Injury"
12/6/2013Martin Grabois, M.D."Muscle Pain Syndromes: Classification, Diangosis and Treatment"
12/20/2013Nicholas Dalesio, Ph.D."Changes in Respiration and Upper Airway Collapsibility from the Effects of Obesity on Morphine Pharmacokinetics"

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