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Blaustein Pain Grand Rounds

Past Presentations

9/5/2014Zhigang D. Luo, M.D., Ph.D.
Modality-specific Pain Modulation through Maladaptive Gene Dysregulation Post Injury
9/12/2014 Mark Bicket, M.D.Epidural Steroid Injections: a Potent Placebo or Procedure to Prevent Surgery?
9/19/2014Zhe Li and Pang-Yen, Ph.D.Positive Allosteric Modulators of Human MrgX1 Receptor Inhibit Chronic Pain
Traci Speed, M.D.The Psychiatrist's Role in Managing Chronic Pain
Deepika Darbari, M.D.
Pain in Sickle Cell Disease: Emerging Concepts
10/10/2014Darius Rastegar, M.D.Office-based Buprenorphine: The First Decade
10/17/2014Adam Hirsh, Ph.D.Using Virtual Human Technologies to Understand and Inform Pain Judgments
10/24/2014Quinn Hogan, M.D.Neuropathic Pain: Sensory Neuron Calcium and Novel Therapeutic Approaches
10/31/2014B. Duncan Lascelles, B.V.Sc., Ph.D.Facilitating Tranlsation in Pain Research: Untapped Opportunities Revealed
11/7/2014Richard Skolasky Jr., Sc,D,Functional Recovery in Lumbar Spine Surgery: Understanding Patient Activation and Engagement
11/14/2014Flavia Mancini, Ph.D.Where Does It Hurt? Spacial Processing of Nociceptive Input
12/5/2014Fei Yang, Ph.D. 
12/12/2014Armen Akopian, Ph.D. 
1/9/2015Kelly Dunn, Ph.D.Comorbid Pain and Opioid Dependence
1/16/2015Shaoqiu He, Ph.D.MrgC-Mediated Pain Inhibition and Mechanisms
Donlin M. Long, M.D., Ph.D.Low Back Pain: The Problem is Pain, the Most Ignored and Misunderstood
Larry Egbert, M.D.
Definition of Intolerable and Untreatable Pain
2/13/2015 Myron Yaster, M.D., Ph.D.and Benjamin Lee, M.D.
What We've Learned from the Pediatric Outpatient Prescription Writer Program: An Ongoing Six Sigma Project
Michael Erdek, M.D.Intrathecal Analgesia for Chronic Refractory Pain
3/6/2015Bryt Christensen, M.D.
History, Pharmacology and Use of Local Anesthetics and Steroids in the Treatment of Arthritis: Are We Adding to the Problem?
Richard P.Marvel, M.D.
Evaluation and Management of Pudendal Neuralgia
3/20/2015Julie Waldfogel, Pharm.D.Multidisciplinary Pain Treatment in Cancer
3/27/2015Thom Park, Ph.D.Blind, Naked, and Feeling No Pain: The Unusual Neurobiology of the Naked Mole Rat
Zachary Boomsaad, M.D.
Intractable Cancer Pain: A Novel Approach
Jia Bei Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Opioid Receptor Research
4/24/2015Mary M. Heinricher, Ph.D.How the Brain Controls Pain: A Circuit Analysis
Qiufu Ma, Ph.D.
Identification of Spinal Circuits, Transmitting and Gating Mechanical Pain
5/29/2015Colin Rock, M.D. and Mark Bilezikjian, M.D.Analgesic Evidence in Chronic Pancreatitis and Platelet Rich Plasma
6/5/2015Trinadha Pilla, M.D.Stem Cell Therapy in Pain Medicine
6/12/2015Donna Hammond, Ph.D.TBD
6/19/2015Glen Treisman, Ph.D.TBD
9/18/2015Gilbert Fanciullo, M.D.Medical Cannabis
9/25/2015Chris Oakley, M.D.Pediatric Migraine (brought to you by the letter “T”): There is more to treatment than Tylenol and Topamax
10/2/2015Colleen Barry, Ph.D., M.P.P.Understanding Americans’ Views on Opioid Pain Reliever Abuse

Panelists: James N. Campbell, M.D., Srinivasa Raja, M.D., Steven Cohen, M.D., Jennifer Haythornthwaite, Ph.D. and Donlin Long, M.D.

Panel Discussion: The Use of Opioids in the Treatment of Chronic Pain II
10/16/2015Simon Haroutounian, Ph.D.Developing Mechanism-based Treatment Approaches in Neuropathic Pain: The Roles of Peripheral Sensory Input and Central Nociceptive Processing
10/23/2015Mei-Chuan Ko, Ph.D.Spinal Ligand-receptor Systems for Regulating Pain and Itch
10/30/2015Chris Winfree, M.D.High Requency Stimulation
11/6/2015Steve Wegener, Ph.D.Interventions to Prevent Chronic Low Back Pain in High Risk Patients: A multi-site Pragmatic RCT
11/13/2015Kristen Archer, Ph.D.Cognitive-behavioral based physical therapy (CBPT): Improving Surgical Spine Outcomes
11/20/2015Mike Saulino, M.D.Intrathecal Therapy
12/4/2015Michael Lim, M.D.
Surgical Treatments for Trigeminal Neuralgia
12/11/2015Steve Bruehl, Ph.D.Can We Predict Responses to Opioid Analgesics?
12/18/2015J. Greg Hobelmann, M.D.History of Opioids

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