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Our outpatient clinic is part of the larger Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Program and is located at The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in the Allergy & Asthma Center.

The Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center
Allergy & Asthma Center, 4th Floor
5501 Hopkins Bayview Circle
Baltimore Maryland 21224

To request an appointment with one of our Restless Legs Syndrome physician specialists, please call 410-550-0571.


Our Experts in the News

Restless Legs Syndrome, Insomnia And Brain Chemistry: A Tangled Mystery Solved?

Dr. Christopher Earley speaks on:

"Iron status and iron treatment."

"What is augmentation and how should it be treated?"

"What is the evidence for the iron-dopamine hypothesis?"

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Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in participating in a clinical study being conducted at the Johns Hopkins Center for RLS, please contact the RLS Center Study Recruiter at 410-550-1046.

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