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Radiation Therapy for Pituitary Tumors

Doctors administer radiation therapy for pituitary tumors that:

  • Cannot be completely removed safely
  • Grow quickly
  • Do not shrink with medication
  • Are located in areas of the brain where surgery is unsafe
  • Recur after surgery

Radiation therapy for pituitary tumors does not usually work quickly. It can take several months or years to control a pituitary tumor’s growth or stop hormone production.

Types of radiation therapy for pituitary tumors:

Two types of radiation therapy are used to treat pituitary tumors:

In some patients, the pituitary gland stops working a few years after radiation therapy. If this happens, the patient will need to take supplements to replace the hormones the pituitary gland normally produces.

For more information, contact the Pituitary Tumor Center.


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