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Support Groups

Patient and Family Support

On the right is a list of brain diseases, disorders, and trauma commonly treated in the NCCU with related links to the leading organizations working to inform, educate, and help patients and families cope with these medical conditions. These organizations sponsor support groups and may provide other services including online message boards, information and resources, workshops, financial assistance, durable medical equipment loan closets, and respite care. Also included are national and local organizations which provide grief counseling and support groups to families and friends after the death of a loved one.

Support groups are composed of individuals, family members, and friends who gather regularly to share common concerns, provide support to one another, and to obtain information relating to various aspects of the disease or issue. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss experiences and feelings and to share information and solutions to common problems. Please contact the appropriate organization and they can give you information on the support groups held in your area and other services they offer which may assist you or your loved one.


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