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The Myositis Center

Myositis is a rare disease, affecting approximately 50,000 Americans. Myositis is a general term meaning inflammation of the muscles, which can be temporary or chronic. It is critical for patients who suspect they may be suffering from myositis to be evaluated by an experienced myositis specialist.

The doctors at The Johns Hopkins Myositis Center have spent the majority of their medical careers diagnosing, researching and treating myositis. As physicians with extensive experience in recognizing myositis, their expertise is now gathered in one center, conveniently located at the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Johns Hopkins Myositis Center team includes a neurologist, rheumatologist, and pulmonologist who evaluate 200-300 new patients a year that are referred with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of myositis. Our patients find the expertise and convenience of the Myositis Center critical to their treatment and care.

Learn more about the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center or call 410-550-6962.