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Our Movement Disorders Specialty Centers

The Johns Hopkins Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center is an extensive center dedicated to identifying and treating various types of movement disorders – a group of progressive neurological disorders characterized by abnormal involuntary movements.

There are promising treatment options available for the various types of movement disorders. Learn more about the latest treatment options and research advances happening at our following specialty centers:

The Ataxia Center

Ataxia disorders result in a failure of muscle control in their arms and legs, which may cause a lack of balance, coordination, and possibly a disturbance in gait.

The Global Telemedicine Clinic for Parkinson’s Disease

The Johns Hopkins Global Telemedicine Clinic for Parkinson’s Disease provides health care through simple, web-based video conferencing technology, so patients anywhere can receive the treatment and care they need.


Movement Disorder Symposium

Our November 8 Symposium was a great success, with the latest in the management of movement disorders from experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine and other health organizations in Maryland. Here's a recap.

PFNCA Annual Symposium:

Dr. Mari discusses past and present Parkinson’s Disease therapies

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