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How to Make an Appointment

The Johns Hopkins Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Center requires the following information be forwarded to our office for review prior to scheduling an appointment:

  • A referral letter or recent clinic note from the referring physician stating your diagnosis and why they would like you evaluated at our center.
  • All medical records pertaining to your diagnosis, including clinic notes, radiology tests (MRI’s, CT’s, etc.), operative notes and discharge summaries and any blood/ lab or other tests that you may have had in the last three years. Medical practices will not release this information to us unless you have completed an authorization. Please complete the following Authorization for release of health information to Johns Hopkins and send it to your referring physician/s or the medical records department of the hospital that has your records. Alternately, return it to us and we will facilitate this process.
  • Recent MRI/CT films or a CD of these tests, unless they were completed at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We need to review films to see if all appropriate sequences have been done. Occasionally, we may need to order a new MRI scan if the one you had does not provide sufficient detail AND if the results from the new scan are likely to affect what kind of procedure you may need. If your insurance permits we prefer if the scans are done in our facility using special protocols we have developed for hydrocephalus . (If an appointment is made following review, these images will be downloaded into our electronic system for interpretation by our neuroradiologists, and viewing/storage on the Johns Hopkins system. There is a fee for this download, and most insurance companies will cover their portion of this charge. The fee ranges from $13 to $133 dollars depending upon the complexity of the exam.)
  • If you have an HMO insurance, an insurance referral is required from your primary care physician for this visit.
  • We will need a new patient questionnaire completed and returned to us by mail or by fax (410-955-9126). We review this information and decide which specialist is best suited for your particular condition.  If you appointment is for hydrocephalus, please complete the hydrocephalus questionnaire.  If your appointment is for pseudotumor, please complete the pseudotumor questionnaire.
  • If you already have a shunt please ensure that we receive the operative notes from your previous surgeon that details what exact make and type of shunt you have. The shunt type determines if an MRI is safe and also determines what kind of study to perform if the shunt is working optimally.
  • We often need to do special MRI protocols. If you have a pacemaker, stent or any metallic implant we would need detailed notes about the kind of device/implant from your physicians. Please complete the MRI screening form so we can assess if an MRI can be safely done.

Please submit the above information to the address below. We will contact you once your information is reviewed. This review can take 4-7 business days.

ATTN: Tammy Counts
Hydrocephalus Center
The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Phipps 126
600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287-1454

Phone number: 410-955-7482
Fax number: 410-955-9126

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