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Dr. Henry Brem explains the importance of choosing the right neurosurgeon.


Neurosurgeon Alessandro Olivi discusses the multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of brain tumors at Johns Hopkins.


Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Jon Weingart, MD, discusses the different types of brain tumors and their treatment options.


Neurosurgeon Gary Gallia, talks about minimally invasive endoscopic surgery for skull base brain tumors.


Neurosurgeon Jon Weingart, MD, discusses low grade gliomas.


Johns Hopkins endocrinologist Roberto Salvatori, MD, talks about pituitary tumors and treatment options.

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Video: The Spirit of Johns Hopkins Neurosurgery

Dr. Henry Brem, Director of Neurosurgery, discusses the unique spirit of the team's clinical and research approach to diagnosing, treating & caring for patients with spine problems, brain tumors, pediatric neurosurgery conditions and cerebrovascular issues.

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Video: Convexity Meningioma - Jill's Story

Watch as Hollywood stunt woman Jill recounts what led her to travel to Baltimore have surgery at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center after she was diagnosed with a benign convexity meningioma brain tumor.

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Video: Novel Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins - Sharon's Story

Sharon and her physicians, neurosurgeon Dr. Quinones and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Boahene, share how they removed a skull base meningioma tumor through her eyelid.

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Video: Brain Tumor and Hydrocephalus - Adam's Story

Kansas City, Missouri, resident Adam Bulakites, was diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused obstructive hydrocephalus. After researching online, he traveled to Baltimore to seek treatment from neurosurgeon, Dr. Alessandro Olivi at The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center.

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Video: Brain Tumor - Carlos Luceno's Story

Diagnosed with a grade two astrocytoma brain tumor, Carlos Luceno is currently living with brain cancer. Carlos is receiving his treatment and care from Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Henry Brem at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center.

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Video: Brain Tumor - Marisa Eickenhorst's Story

Diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor, Marisa was anxious and scared. Her anxiety gradually faded once she met the man who successfully removed her tumor, Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Alessandro Olivi.

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