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What We Do

Receiving treatment from a comprehensive team of experts

At Johns Hopkins, we understand that no two tumors are the same. The best treatment is developed by a multi-disciplinary team of brain tumor experts who will take into account the uniqueness of each patient's tumor, including the tumor's location, any potential symptoms, as well as the benefits and risks of the different treatment options.



 Experts in the treatment of complex brain tumors

In 1908, Harvey Cushing performed the first successful human brain tumor removal…at Johns Hopkins. It is here that neurosurgery was perfected. No matter what type of brain tumor you have — whether it be an acoustic neuroma, glioma, meningioma, metastatic tumor, pituitary tumor, skull base tumor, or one of the other 120 types of brain tumors — you are certain to find Johns Hopkins as the leading treatment center.


Breakthrough surgery for brain tumors




Although surgery is the most common treatment for brain tumors, our approach to surgery is not at all common. We uniquely tailor each brain tumor operation to the individual patient. Our surgical techniques enable our surgeons to go deeper inside the brain to deliver lifesaving treatment to the tumor site or remove malignant tumors altogether. New therapies, developed in our own labs, are deployed rapidly to the bedside, giving patients the best possible chance at recovery. But we aren’t just redefining how to treat individual tumors, we are discovering how they form in the hopes of one day anticipating and even preventing them. That’s the Promise of Medicine.


To schedule an appointment or consultation, or for more information, contact us at:

Within the United States: 855-884-6754
International: +1-443-287-6080