Equipment & Services


Mass Spectrometers 

IonizationMass Analyzer


QSTAR/Pulsar (Applied Biosystems)ElectrosprayTOF

Peptide microsequencing, small molecule analysis, modification site mapping


Voyager DE-STR (Applied Biosystems)MALDITOF

Mass determination of proteins, peptides, oligonuclotides, glycolipids, carbohydrates


LCQ Deca XP (Thermo Finnigan)ElectrosprayIon trap

Peptide microsequencing, small molecule analysis, modification site mapping, detailed structural analysis


Mass Spectrometer Interfaces
Nanospray source (Protana)High sensitivity analysis at nanoliter flow rates


Ultimate/Switchos/Famos HPLC (LC Packings/Dionex)LCMS and LCMS/MS (fragmentation) analysis


Surveyor HPLC system (Thermo Finnigan)LCMS and LCMS/MS multi-dimensional chromatography analysis


AP MALDI source for LCQ (Mass Technologies)MS/MS analysis of MALDI samples


Gel Electrophoresis (Amersham Biosciences)
IPGPHor unitIsoelectric focusing of protein samples on IpG strips (1st dimension)


Ettan Dalt Six Electrophoresis unitVertical gel electrophoresis (2nd dimension)


Typhoon 9400 Laser ScannerGel imaging for CBB, fluorescence and phosphorylation


Ettan Spot PickerAutomated spot cutting from gels


Ettan DigesterAutomated in-gel digestion


Ettan SpotterAutomated spotting samples onto a MALDI plate
Mass Spectrometry
Mass measurements

Structural analysis (fragmentation and microsequencing)

Protein Identification

Post-translational modification site analysis

Sample Preparation
1D and 2D gel electrophoresis

In-gel digestions

Multi-dimensional chromatography

Additional Analysis
Gel imaging

Protein quantification

DIGE analysis

ICAT analysis

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