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2015-02-25 (3i Spinning Disk Confocal): 3i SDC, laser launch adjustments

Attention 3i SDC users, Due to user complaints regarding laser intensity on the 3i spinning disk confocal, a number of parts were replaced in the laser launch and subsequent adjustments were done. The laser power is roughly 3-fold higher than before, so adjust your exposure time and/or camera intensity as needed. Please start at a low value and slowly increase to prevent any damage to your sample. If you need a 'refresher' on how to adjust attenuation of laser powers in Slidebook (e.g. different values for each channel), don't hesitate to ask and arrange a short demo (<5 min).

2015-02-25 (Philips CM120 TEM): Philips TEM: annual preventative maintenance (2/24-2/26)

The Philips TEM is undergoing the annual preventive maintenance this week. We will send out an email (and post annoucement) to users when the FEI engineer is done and the system has been tested.

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