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Fees to use the Microscope Facility
effective July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012 (FY12); go to current rates

Payment arrangements for Facility services must be established in advance. Typically, a single account is used for charging expenses from an entire lab group, generating monthly billing statements.

Below are the FY12 rates effective July 1, 2011 (prior rates; current rates). Compared to FY11, only staff-assisted rates have changed (assisted-use, training and custom projects: ave 8% increase). Other rates remain the same. For FY13, we anticipate another rate increase to cover the costs of new service contracts as new equipment ages out of initial warranty periods.

Lab Membership in Facility (12 month commitment) Members Non-Members
Membership fee (per lab,under one faculty PI) $105.00 /mo n/a
First 2 hours of unsupervised microscope use for each month (shared by entire lab); hourly charge for additional usage included
(no additional fee)
not eligible
Basic network and image preparation training included
(no additional fee)
not eligible
Equipment use        
Microscope (incl. multiphoton) use, unsupervised (self-use) $22.50 /hr not eligible
Supervised/assisted microscope use $115.00 /hr $115.00 /hr
Training (prepare for unsupervised self-use) $105.00 /hr not eligible
Certification (test to allow unsupervised self-use) $25.00 /15 min not eligible
Specimen preparatory equipment, unsupervised self-use (supplies not included; bring your own) $10.50 /hr Leica Cryostat only
Computer workstation and image analysis (Volocity, IPLab, AIM, etc.) included
(no additional fee)
$10.00 /hr
Custom specimen preparation and imaging (also called "Projects"; lab supplies included except high-pressure freezer supplies are extra cost) $115.00 /hr $115.00 /hr
Film processing and developing (additional $1.20 per negative) $115.00 /hr $115.00 /hr
Oil left on lens $115.00 /episode n/a
"No-show" Penalty:
Missed or >30 min late for equipment reservation
$55.00 /episode n/a
Excess reservation time not used
(Zeiss LSM 510-Meta Confocals only)
$11.25 /hr n/a

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