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Reservations: Instructions

Only certified users with membership can make reservation. Such users have user-ids and card-key access to the facility after hours. Please read FAQs about lab group membership, or for additional clarification.

Please: sign up in morning (9-1), afternoon (1-5), or evening (5-9) time slots. Reservations in the middle of day (e.g. 10-3) often preclude others from using equipment on the same day.

  • To cancel or edit an existing reservation, click your name on the appropriate time slot on the calendar. You'll be offered an option to delete the reservation on the time slot's detailed view. For obvious reasons, you cannot change/cancel a reservation that has already occured.
  • If you fail to appear within the first 30 minutes of your reservation ("no-show"), there is a hefty penalty (see Fees for current penalty amount). In addition to the penalty, you forfeit the rest of your reservation. As a courtesy to others, please cancel your reservation as soon as you know it's not going to be used.
  • To prevent equipment damage, if there's a long lapse in your equipment usage, you will not be allowed to make reservations. Read the usage lapse policy and contact us to reactivate your online access.

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