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Micropipette/microaspiration (cell mechanics)
Total-internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope (TIRF)

Model Information

  • Olympus IX81 motorized microscope


  • Olympus IX 81 motorized inverted  microscope
  • Olympus TIRF illuminator with fiber optic input
  • Bioptechs 37°C environmental control also available.
  • Condenser, 0.55 NA
  • Objectives:
    • 10X UplanFl, 0.3 NA, PC, dry
    • 40X UplanFl, 1.3 NA, oil, DIC-capable
    • 60X Planapo, 1.45 NA, oil (TIRF lens)
  • Argon laser line at 488 nm for TIRF
  • HBO 100W illuminator for widefield  fluorescence
  • Fluorescence filter sets: DAPI, FITC, TRITC, GFP
  • MetaMorph  software, UCI
  • Photometrics CoolSnap HQ CCD camera
  • Equipment for microaspiration


  • Widefield or TIRF fluorescence images of membrane proteins, receptor proteins, signalling molecules, cortical cytoskeleton proteins; TIRF excites fluorochromes within 100 nm of the coverslip surface
  • Micromanipulators/micropipettes for deforming cell surfaces by quantitative micro-aspiration, allowing measurements of cell cortical stiffness.
  • This microscope is made available to members of the microscope facility by Dr. Doug Robinson in the Department of Cell Biology


Myosin thick filaments in the cortex of live Dictyostelium cells.

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