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Leica/3i Spinning Disk Confocal
Modular & customizable optics/microinjection

Model Information

  • 3i Marianis/Yokogawa Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Leica DMI6000 fully motorized inverted microscope (Marzhauser xy stage)
  • Metal-halide illuminator with fiber-optic coupling (long-life 2000 hr/bulb)
  • Extra illuminator and camera ports; fully modular and customizable (ask us!)

 Leica SDC


  • Yokogawa CSU10 spinning Nipkow disk with microlenses
  • Leica DMI6000 fully motorized platforms
  • Kr/Ar laser with lines at 488, 568 and 647 nm
  • 3i Slidebook software for intuitive data acquisition
  • Copy of software at workstation for 3D viewing & analysis (also Volocity software for 3D viewing and analysis)


  • Optical sections or image stack with high contrast and definition
  • Best for moderate and bright fluorescence
  • Low rate photobleaching/ extended cell viability
  • Minute details of points and edges
  • Simple-to-use, easy software
  • Movie loops of 3D displays exportable to QuickTime or Volocity
  • Quantitative 3D analysis
  • Quantitative colocalization analysis


Protein in nuclei of Drosophila embryo

Pole cells in Drosophila germarium

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