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  • CLASS of 2016

    Our students continue the Hopkins "tradition of excellence" into the 21st century. We are pleased to welcome the following students to the AAM Class of 2016

    erica CHIN

    image Erica grew up in a lovely part of northern New Jersey before moving to Boston for her BFA in painting at Boston University. She is very happy to be studying at Hopkins and exploring Baltimore. When she is not working, you can find her at a museum, running, doing yoga, traveling, or spending time with friends and family.

    Emily LING

    student A native of Southern California, Emily received her BS in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine. Having graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as a Visual Arts major, she was ecstatic to discover medical and biological illustration and decided to pursue this combination of her interests.

    When time allows, Emily enjoys exploring and sketching at historical sites, museums, aquariums, and botanical gardens. She loves jogging, reading, and playing video games. She also eats too much chocolate and drinks too much coffee.

    caitlin MOCK

    image Caitlin Mock is from small town Iowa. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration from Iowa State University. When not working hard in the studio, Caitlin enjoys playing card games, traveling, and hiking with her dog.

    kari OPERT

    student Kari is from Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a BFA in drawing from the Maryland Institute College of Art. During her time there, she discovered the field of medical illustration and began taking courses in the biological sciences. After completing her undergraduate degree, Kari continued her science coursework while working at JHU in vaccine research. In her spare time, she enjoys time with loved ones, cooking, the outdoors, and reading, and looks forward to crossing off each location in her list of places to see.

    laura ROY

    image Laura is from Ames, Iowa. Prior to studying at Johns Hopkins, she received degrees in scientific illustration, fine arts, culinary arts, and philosophy. When she is not in the studio, Laura loves to spend time outdoors hiking, sketching, or painting (or indoors enjoying a great bottle of wine).

    kai-ou TANG

    student Born in Montreal, Kai-ou received her Bachelors Arts in of Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before coming to Johns Hopkins she lived in Boston, MA, specializing in histochemistry within dermatopathology labs. She enjoys kickboxing, videogames, and almonds.

    amy ZHONG

    image Amy is a puppy loving, flip-flop wearing California-native who doesn't like wearing socks or closed-toe shoes. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and despite having lived in the Midwest and East coast the past 4 years, she still dislikes Winter.

    CLASS of 2015

    edwin CHOI

    image Edwin is from Seattle, Washington. He received a B.S. in biology and a B.A. in fine arts from University of Washington. After studying at the Gage Academy of Art, he also took a backpacking gap year before coming to Art as Applied to Medicine. When he is not working in the studio he is either playing piano, practicing go, or exploring the east coast.

    View Edwin's Page

    jeff DAY

    student Jeff is from Cleveland, OH and is ecstatic to be studying in the Art as Applied to Medicine program, combining his enthusiasm for communicating science with art. His science background includes degrees in biology and an M.D. from Case Western Reserve University. He also taught at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History where he often sprinkled cartooning into his lessons. Jeff has one published book, Don't Touch That!: The Book of Gross, Poisonous, and Downright Icky Plants and Critters, and looks forward to creating more engaging ways to learn science and medicine.

    View Jeff's Page

    jackie KUSTAN

    image Jackie Kustan grew up in Massachusetts, then moved to California to complete a B.S. in Biology at Stanford University. She was blissfully pursuing a career in academic research when she learned about the Art as Applied to Medicine Department. She's thrilled to have found a place where she can be reading molecular biology one day and drawing a skeleton the next, and is looking forward to a lifetime of communicating science through art. When not in the studio, she enjoys baking, reading, and searching for insects in the underbrush.

    View Jackie's Page

    mariya PANTYUKHINA

    student Mariya was born in Moscow, Russia and came to the United States with her family at age fifteen. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University and subsequently worked as a graphic designer and video editor. She loves hanging out with her dog, dancing, cooking, reading and never smiling for photos. Also mountain biking, graphic novels and occasionally playing music.

    Mariya sees in Biomedical Illustration a perfect recipe for using drawing to gain knowledge of the world, with infinite opportunities to unravel complicated tangles, solve previously unvisualized puzzles and meditate on the patterns of Nature.

    View Mariya's Page

    rose PERRY

    image Having moved many times during her life, Rose is an avid fan of new experiences and people. She received her two bachelor's degrees in Biological Pre-medical Illustration and Spanish from Iowa State University. After graduate school, Rose will be pursuing a career in Medical Illustration and Clinical Anaplastology. Her passions include helping others, running around with her dog, and making a mess while working with anything crafty.


    student Mesa grew up in Seattle WA, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest where she developed a love for science and art. She received a B.A in Anthropological Sciences with a concentration in Anatomy and Archaeology, and holds a Graduate Certificate in Scientific Illustration from the University of Washington, and she studied fine art at GAGE Academy in Seattle.

    After a short time in Silicon Valley tech startups, Mesa spent her early twenties working around the world, traveling as far as the South Pole, Antarctica to work in the kitchen! All the while she was building a business as a freelance scientific illustrator. Mesa has worked as an archaeological illustrator in Turkey, Belize, Portugal and Peru, and exhibited work in Europe and Asia. Some of her work can be seen in National Geographic magazine, the National Zoo, and Smithsonian Institutions, and most recently in National Geographic's Illustrated Guide to Wildlife.

    View Mesa's Page

    i-hsun WU

    image I-Hsun grew up in Taiwan and came to the US to further foster her passion in art and science. She completed her BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in Communication Arts with a concentration in Scientific and Preparatory Medical Illustration in 2012. Desiring to share her love of art and science, she was excited to join the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine in Hopkins.Besides working on projects, I-Hsun likes to travel and try food from all different places.

    View I-Hsun's Page

    GRADUATES of 2014

    james ABRAHAM

    image James Abraham was born and raised in Richmond, Va. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. With his passion for art and love for science, biomedical illustration is a perfect match for him. When he is not working the night away in the studio he enjoys lifting weights, watching movies, and helping and uplifting others.

    View James's Page

    veronica FALCONIERI

    student Veronica grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She was a martial arts instructor in high school and developed the ability to teach while standing on one leg, which she can still do passably well.

    She received her B.A. in biology from Smith College and also completed a minor in studio art. Though she conducted research, she discovered that she did not love benchwork enough to continue taking care of cell cultures at 5 AM on weekends. She instead pursued medical illustration, which, if provided coffee, she will do at any hour. Her hobbies include working out, reading, and cheering for the Patriots.

    View Veronica's Page

    katelyn MCDONALD

    image Katelyn is from Nenana, Alaska. She received a degree in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration from Iowa State University. In her spare time, she plays with her pets: Spike, a Pygmy Hedgehog, and Walle, a Crested Gecko.

    View Katelyn's Page

    jacqueline MEYER

    student Jackie is from Titusville, NJ. She originally moved to Baltimore in 2008 to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she completed a BFA in drawing with a concentrated study in graphic design. During this time she also enrolled in science courses at nearby universities to prepare for graduate school.

    View Jacqueline's Page

    michael SILVER

    image Michael is from Los Angeles, CA and received his bachelor's degree in biology from Tufts University while simultaneously attending the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. There he studied traditional figurative art with an emphasis on sculpture. After briefly working in biotechnology, Michael transitioned into the field of product design and prototype fabrication where he gained proficiencies in digital 3D modeling as well as machining, casting, and 3D printing processes. During his 6 years in product design, he continued to develop his traditional artistic abilities and furthered his biological studies.

    View Michael's Page

    christopher SMITH

    student A Maryland native, Christopher recieved his bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Salisbury University. After realizing his love for the medical arts, he studied at the Schuler School of Fine Arts Atelier, where he trained in old master techniques before coming to Hopkins. Chris also enjoys oil painting, playing guitar and swimming during his free time.

    View Chris's Page

    samantha WELKER

    image Samantha was born and raised in Idaho. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Art from the University of Idaho. She was thrilled to discover the Art as Applied to Medicine program because it allows her to combine her passions for both science and art. When she is not working away in the studio, Samantha enjoys sipping lattes, reading Harry Potter, and exploring the east coast with her classmates.

    View Samantha's Page

    GRADUATES of 2013

    hannah AHN

    student Hannah grew up on Long Island, New York frolicking along the north coast. She received a BFA in illustration from Maryland Institute College of Art. After graduation, she moved back to Long Island to study biology at Stony Brook University while shelving and selling books on the side. When she has freetime, Hannah loves to bake, read, draw, drink tea and play her violin.

    View Hannah's Page

    anastasia DEMSON

    image Anastasia is from Oakton, Virginia. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Arts from the Virginia Commonwealth University. When she's not in the studio, you might find Ana surrounded by orchids, or in Paris.

    View Ana's Page

    amy DIXON

    student Amy was born and raised in central Iowa, just outside of Des Moines. She received her BA from Iowa State University, where she studied Biological and Pre-medical Illustration. Thanks to the support of her parents and a couple of key role models, her affinity for art became a career path that eventually led her to Johns Hopkins. When she isn't noodling away on a project, she likes to ride her bike, play table tennis, and embark on adventures.

    "Each member of the faculty in this department has something unique and awe-inspiring to bring to the table. It's a great honor to be working under them."

    View Amy's Page

    kyoungran "katie" EUN

    image Kyoungran "Katie" is from South Korea. She loves little animals, travel, SF Nobles, summer evenings, moments after the rain and art.

    View Katie's Page

    natalie KOSCAL

    student Natalie-Kay Koscal grew up in a small town in the Hudson River Valley of New York. She received her BS in General Biology from Cornell University. Natalie obtained her art experience by taking classes throughout high school and college and by completing a Scientific Illustration internship at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. After graduation, she decided to pursue her love of art and science and was excited to find the program at Hopkins. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, learning guitar and spending time with friends and family. One day, she hopes to get a lot of use out of her passport and see the world.

    View Natalie's Page

    heidi SINSEL

    image Originally from Minden, NE, Heidi received her BA from Iowa State University in Biological & Pre-medical Illustration. She has found this field to be fulfilling and exciting in both her undergraduate and graduate studies. Besides medical illustration she enjoys snowboarding and getting outside of the city to explore the east coast.

    "I feel humbled to be instructed by such accomplished faculty and surrounded by inspirational classmates."

    View Heidi's Page

    GRADUATES of 2012

    elizabeth COOK

    student Elizabeth Cook grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She received her BFA in painting and drawing from Louisiana State University in 2008. Shortly after graduating, Elizabeth decided to pursue medical illustration and spent the next two years taking biology courses at LSU.

    View Elizabeth's Page

    kaitlin LINDSAY

    image Kaitlin is from Kearney, Nebraska and received a B.A. with Honors in Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration from Iowa State University. Kaitlin has played the violin for more than a decade and says she especially loves playing chamber music and in pit orchestras. While at Hopkins she has discovered a fear of needles, a love for storyboarding, and an enthusiasm for Orioles baseball games!

    View Kaitlin's Page

    courtney McKENNA

    student Courtney grew up in Horsham, Pennsylvania. She received a BFA in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. After graduation she moved back to Pennsylvania where she started her own gallery and custom frame shop. During this time she returned to school to study Biology and soon realized what path she wanted to take. Her love for art, science and medicine brought her to Hopkins where she is excited to combine her passions into a career in Medical and Biological Illustration. Courtney loves to spend time with her family, friends and dog Duncan. She enjoys running, snowboarding, cooking, being outdoors and traveling whenever possible.

    "I am grateful everyday to be at Hopkins where I am surrounded by prestigous faculty who are passionate about teaching and classmates who have become a second family."

    View Courtney's Page


    image Eo Trueblood grew up in the historic town of Lincoln, Virginia. He recieved a BFA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, with a concentration in figurative sculpture. After graduation Eo spent his time working as a sculptor as well as a cabinet maker in his family's business before joining the graduate program at Johns Hopkins.

    View Eo's Page

    elyssa SIEGEL

    student A Baltimore native, Elyssa started her undergraduate degree at Maryland Institute College of Art where she studied painting and graphic design, when she realized her interest in the medcial arts she transferred to Arcadia University. There she graduated with a BA in Scientific and Pre-Medical Illustration.

    View Elyssa's Page

    wenjing "Betty" WU

    image Betty graduated with a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and a double major in Art and Design from Sun Yat-Sen University, China. Besides medical illustration, Betty enjoys cooking and sharing awesome food with people. One of her greatest wishes is to introduce authentic Chinese food to American friends and introduce medical illustration to every Chinese she knows!

    View Betty's Page

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    CLASS of 2011

    jodi CHAPMAN

    student Jodi is from Orlando, Florida. She received a BS in Biological Science and a BA in Studio Art from the Florida State University in Tallahassee. Jodi was a Drum Major of the FSU Marching Chiefs (Go 'Noles!) for two seasons. Jodi explains that she blames Disney animation for her love of art and says she's been to the Magic Kingdom more times than she can count!

    "This program has the perfect mix of cutting edge science, traditional sketching, approachable faculty, and friendly classmates. I love it!"

    View Jodi's Page

    bona KIM

    image Bona worked as a nurse in Korea, but took on a new challenge when she came to Baltimore to study Medical Illustration at Johns Hopkins. She likes unique adventures and opportunities to seeing different places. Bona has a world map at home where she keeps track of the places she has visited - one of her lifetime goals is to fill up the rest of the map!. Bona says, "You will see a traveling medical illustrator soon." But for now, she is in North America!

    "I am happy to be here at Hopkins although the anatomy class is torturing me!"

    View Bona's Page

    adam PELLERITE

    image Adam grew up in central Massachusetts and received a B.F.A. in Painting from Boston University. He is very interested in fine art and art history as well as biology and is always looking for insights in these areas of study. During his free time Adam paints from life, and reads "whatever he can get his hands on".

    "I'm almost overwhelmed by the amount of resources and information found here at Hopkins."

    View Adam's Page

    tara ROSE

    image Tara was born in Massachusetts. She studied at Ringling College of Art and Design where she received her BFA in Illustration. While at Ringling, she became a Trustee Scholar and was invited to be the class speaker at commencement. After graduation, Tara attended the University of Central Florida to study Biology. In 2006, she attended the renowned Illustration Academy headed by illustrator, Mark English, and was fortunate to work with other notable illustrators such as Gary Kelly, C.F. Payne, Anita Kunz, Sterling Hundley and many more. Tara enjoys spending time with friends and family. She enjoys to run, bike, workout, and travel. Tara says she believes that happiness lies in laughter and finds any excuse to do so.

    "Thus far, my experience at Johns Hopkins' Art as Applied to Medicine has been remarkable. It is incredible to have such prestigious professors guiding me in my budding career as a medical illustrator."

    View Tara's Page

    suzanne SLATTERY

    image Originally from Bucks County, PA, Suzanne received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. After many years in an alternate career Suzanne, following her instincts and true passion, returned to school in the fall of 2009 for Medical and Biological Illustration. Suzanne lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her husband and 3 sons who give her undivided support.

    View Suzanne's Page

    bricelyn STRAUCH

    image Originally from Memphis, TN, Bricelyn started her undergraduate degree at Loyola University New Orleans, but transferred to the University of Georgia, where she graduated with a BFA in Scientific Illustration. After taking some time to work as a freelance illustrator, painter, and art educator, Bricelyn decided to continue her education in science and medical based art. She hopes to do as much traveling, flyfishing, cooking/eating, and sleeping as possible whenever she has free time.

    "Being able to be a part of this program and working with such distinguished faculty at an institution like Hopkins has been an invaluable experience."

    View Bricelyn's Page

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    CLASS of 2010

    shizuka AOKI

    image Born in Tokyo, Shizuka grew up in Toronto and attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Five years in a paint-splattered lab coat earned her both a degree in Fine Art and in Life Science. She spent her summers at the Toronto School of Art and The Sheridan Institute to further her technical training and satisfy her passion for drawing.

    "The program has far exceeded my expectations - exposure to the newest medical advancements, world-renowned experts, and an esteemed and caring faculty are among its many assets!"

    View Shizuka's Page


    image Beatriz was born at a very early age in Madrid (Spain) and moved to the U.S. a year and a half ago to become a medical illustrator at The Johns Hopkins University. She was always fascinated by art and science, so she feels incredibly privileged and immensely happy. At the present time, Beatriz lives in a blue house and enjoys her life and studies at Baltimore.

    When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do
    (Walt Disney)

    View Bea's Page

    stephanie SADLER

    image Stephanie was born and raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania. In 2004, she received a BA in Pre-Medical Illustration from Arcadia University and began studying at Johns Hopkins in the fall of that same year. While Steph loves the entire field of Medical Illustration, she finds herself particularly drawn to embryology, reproductive health, urology, and animal sciences.

    "Art and Medicine are inextricably bound to one another - I'm thrilled to be involved in this field and for the chance to study under such esteemed faculty."

    View Stephanie's Page

    joseph SAMSON

    image Joe is originally from St. Louis, MO. He received his BFA degree in painting from Fontbonne University. In his spare time, Joe enjoys playing guitar and swimming..."but not necessarily at the same time".

    "I feel humbled and inspired everyday by the incredible work that the faculty and my fellow students produce."

    View Joe's Page

    elizabeth WEISSBROD

    image Betsy moved to Baltimore from Columbus, Ohio. She earned her BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a major in illustration and writing minor. She currently serving as a multi-media illustrator in the United States Army Reserves and has served one tour in Iraq.

    "I am still in awe of the incredible work that is being accomplished at Hopkins and the learning opportunities and resources that such work provides to us as students."

    View Betsy's Page

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    CLASS of 2016

    Erica Schin
    Emily Ling
    Caitlin Mock
    Kari Opert
    Laura Roy
    Kai-ou Tang
    Amy Zhing

    CLASS of 2015

    Edwin Choi
    Jeff Day
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    Rose Perry
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    I-Hsun Wu

    GRADUATES of 2014

    James Abraham
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    Hannah Ahn

    Anastasia Demson

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    Natalie Koscal

    Heidi Sinsel

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    Elizabeth Cook

    Kaitlin Lindsay

    Courtney McKenna

    Eo Trueblood

    Elyssa Siegel

    Betty Wenjing Wu

    GRADUATES of 2011

    Jodi Chapman

    Bona Kim

    Adam Pellerite

    Tara Rose

    Suzanne Slattery

    Bricelyn Strauch

    GRADUATES of 2010

    Shizuka Aoki

    Beatriz Martin-Villalba

    Stephanie Sadler

    Joseph Samson

    Elizabeth Weissbrod

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