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  • Visualizing science and medicine.

    The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine is a leader in the field of visual communication for science and health care. Built on a strong foundation of scientific knowledge, artistic technique, and clear visual communication, the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine has maintained the highest standards while embracing new medical, scientific, and communication technologies.

    Today, Art as Applied to Medicine educates future medical illustrators through a two-year, accredited, Master of Arts program in Medical and Biological Illustration. Concurrently, our faculty produces illustrations, animations, and graphic design for the medical, research and publishing communities. An anaplastology clinic within the Department also creates facial and somatic prosthetics for patients and offers a one-year training program in clinical anaplastology.

    Upcoming Events >>

    student May 1, 2015 at 2:30pm
    Thesis presentations Friday!

    This event will be held as scheduled, beginning at 2:30pm on Friday, May 1st. Please note this event will take place in the Chevy Chase Auditorium on the main level of the new Johns Hopkins Hospital, Zayed Tower. This is a new location for the Thesis presentations than previous years. Convenient garage parking is available for a modest fee in the Orleans Street Garage with elevated bridge access to the Zayed Tower of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Click for more information and map.

    Recent News >>

    Congratulations to all of our Graduating Second Years on each being a recipient of a Vesalius Trust Scholarship!

    Thesis Presentations will be held May 1, 2015

    Save the Date! Friday, May 1, 2015 at 2:30pm for our Class of 2015 Thesis Presentations Join us for presentations by the graduating class. Chevy Chase Auditorium, Zayed Tower, Main level of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    Six students describe their masters research and outcomes, illustrations, 3D models, animations, and interactive modules:

    Jeff Day, VT Alan Cole Scholar: Animating Spinal Cord Damage: Building an Educational Website for Kids

    Edwin Choi, VT Scholar: Educating Patients and Physicians about Bariatric Embolization through use of Interactive Media

    Mariya Khan, VT Scholar: Actomyosin Network in Mechanosensation & Cytokinesis: a Novel Workflow for Animating Cell Division

    Jackie Kustan, VT Grant Recipient : Visualizing Intersegmental Artery Ostium Location for Spinal Angiography

    Mesa Schumacher, VT Grant Recipient: The 3D Knee: Visualizing Real Data from 3D Magnetic Resonance Neurography

    I-Hsun Wu, VT Grant Recipient: Intraarterial Transplantation of Glial Progenitors to Regenerate Brain Damage Following Radiation Therapy of Brain Tumor: An Animation for Lay Audience and Scientists

    student JAMES ABRAHAM Interviewed by ABC News at WRIC Newsroom, Richmond, VA

    RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) - You've probably never heard of the term medical illustrator; however, the people who choose this career path have the ability to change our lives and the course of medicine. A medical illustrator creates drawings, computer animations and even 3D models of every possible organ in the body. This process helps teach medical students and some patients, what happens before they enter an operating room. Read more...


    Recent Projects >>

    student WENJING "BETTY" WU
    Pancreatic Cancer Genome Sequencing Research at JHMI: An Online Multimedia Patient Education Program

    Pancreatic cancer is among the most lethal forms of cancer because it is difficult to detect and treat. Just like other cancers, pancreatic cancer is, in essence, a genetic disease. Studies of cancer genomes with new high throughput sequencing technologies, alternatively called second-generation or next-generation sequencing, have shed new light on personalized pancreatic cancer research and novel patient-specific clinical interventions. Read more...


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    To make your gift by credit card today, complete this secure online giving form. If you have any questions about making your gift, call 410-516-3400 or e-mail giving@jhu.edu.

    Contact the Department:

    Department of Art as Applied to Medicine
    Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
    1830 East Monument Street, Suite 7000
    Baltimore, Maryland 21287
    ph :: 410.955.3213 | fax :: 410.955.1085
    email :: medart-info@jhmi.edu


    art July 2015

    The 2015 Alumni Dinner will be held at the Market Garden Brewry... read more

    art May 2015

    Jackie Kustan awarded the 2015 Inez Demonet Scholarship... read more

    art May 2015

    Thesis Presentations will be held at 2:30pm , May 1st 2015... read more

    art April 2015

    Jeff Day awarded the Alan Cole Scholarship, Class of 2015 all VT winners!... read more

    art July 2015

    Save the Date! July for the 2015 Annual Alumni Dinner... read more

    art 2014 -2015

    Mesa Schumacher receives the 2014-2015 Reather Award... read more

    art 2014-2015

    Jeff Day awarded the 2014-2015 Netter Scholarship... read more

    art July 2014

    James Abraham Interviewed on ABC News... read more

    art May 2014

    Eduardo Arias has successfully completed the supervised training program in Clinical Anaplastology/Facial and Ocular Prosthetics... read more

    art May 2014

    Christopher Smith Awarded Inez Demonet Scholarship for 2014... read more

    art Nov 2013

    NEW portfolio submission process using SlideRoom.com... read more

    art May 2013

    Corinne Sandone has been appointed Director of the Graduate Program in Medical and Biological Illustration... read more

    art May 2013

    On May 23 at the annual Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Convocation Dr. John Cody received the Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award recognizing him a distinguished Hopkins alumnus... read more

    art April 2013

    Graham Johnson will present as 2013's Samson Feldman Scholar ... read more

    art July 2012

    Join us for our Annual Alumni Dinner in Toronto on July 26th ... read more

    art May 2012

    We congratulate Dr. Miguel Schon, Professor of Anatomy, with the 2012 Ranice W. Crosby Award ... read more

    art December 2011

    The Surgical Illustration Critique will take place Dec 6, 2011 at 2pm... read more

    art July 2011

    Howard Bartner, Associate Professor of AAM, was honored with the 2010 Brodel Award for Excellence in Education for his outstanding contributions to the profession... read more

    art May 2011

    We salute Dr. Ralph Hruban, Professor of Pathology and Oncology, with the 2011 Ranice W. Crosby Award for his investigative spirit to explore novel uses of new and innovative visual technologies to communicate medicine... read more

    CURRENT EVENTS :: Save the Date! Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 4 - 6 pm for our 2015 Graduate Exhibition


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