Medical Scientist Training/MD-PhD Program


Admission statistics below are average values for the incoming class 2013-2014.

Primary Applications Received: 573
Completed Secondary Applications Received: 468
Interviews: 71
Acceptances (funded and unfunded): 33
Initial Funded Offers: 27

Note: Each year we make offers of admission to approximately 30 students. However, only 20 MSTP funded slots are offered initially. Students accepted without funding may choose to enroll; although we will work with them to secure alternate fellowships, they are ultimately responsible for medical school tuition (graduate stipend is provided). Thus, we accept more students than we otherwise would in order to ensure that students who really wish to attend Hopkins, despite the cost, are able to do so. Furthermore, in some years, an initially non-funded acceptee may receive funding eventually if those students who were first offered funded slots withdraw.

Entering Class Size: 15 matriculants

Average Matriculant GPA: 3.94

5-year GPA range for applicants who received offers: 3.57-4.0

Average Matriculant MCAT: 38

5-year MCAT range for applicants who received offers: 30-44

Undergraduate Institutions Represented in the incoming class of 2013:
Brown, Bryn Mawr, Duke, Haverford, Harvard, JHU, Middlebury, MIT, Rensselaer, UC Irvine, Williams College, Yale