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DC and Baltimore
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Housing and Neighborhoods
Baltimore is one of the most affordable cities on the East Coast.

Cheap and not so cheap Eats
Baltimore Magazine Dining Guide
Baltimore named the second best food city in America of 2015

Museums and Other Sites
The Walters Museum
The Baltimore Museum of Art
The National Aquarium

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Blues and Jazz

Hiking and Biking
Maryland State Parks and Forests
Assateague State Park

Whitetail Ski Resort

Downtown Sailing Club

Sports Teams
Baltimore Sports & Social Club, Inc.
Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Ravens

Cost of Living

An advantage of Baltimore is that the comparatively low cost of living allows students to find affordable housing in safe neighborhoods. The table below provides stipend comparisons for Hopkins and several institutions, as provided by CNN’s Money Net and Sperling’s Best Places. The amount under “equivalent in Baltimore” is an estimation of what stipend in Baltimore is comparable to a stipend in another city. As you can see, our stipend goes a long way toward ensuring you can find a comfortable, safe living situation during your time here.

Program Stipend – Initial Stipend Equivalent for Baltimore Stipend – Graduate Years and Later Stipend Equivalent for Baltimore
Johns Hopkins
(Baltimore, MD)
27,032 27,032 28,645 28,645
Cornell Tri-I
(New York, NY)
28,500 15,513 33,000 17,962
(Boston, MA)
28,000 24,288 32,616 28,292
(San Francisco, CA)
30,000 21,960 30,000 21,960
Univ. of Pennsylvania
(Philadelphia, PA)
30,500 29,060 30,500 29,060