Medical Scientist Training/MD-PhD Program

Association of Women Student MD-PhDs (AWSM)

The Association of Women Student MD-PhDs (AWSM) is a group of MD-PhD students at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who aim to promote the success, recognition, and excellence of women in academic medicine. We welcome all allies, both male and female, to learn more about our goals and to join us in our efforts.

Student Leaders: Wan Yang, Eliah Shamir, Carolina Montano, Bipasha Mukherjee-Clavin, & Annie Wu

Faculty Sponsor: Janet Siliciano

Faculty Advisory Board: Mary Armanios, Andrea Cox & Carol Greider

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the professional development and academic advancement of fellow women MD-PhD students. We seek to deliver and increase access to programming that addresses our specific needs in pursuit of careers in both research and clinical medicine. As a minority among dual degree candidates, we face unique challenges in achieving work-life balance and in finding appropriate female role models in top positions. We aim to address barriers to women’s advancement at periods throughout our training in order to promote women’s important roles as leaders and vital contributors to the fields of science and medicine. Our goals are to:

  1. Address specific challenges faced by women MD-PhD students during their career paths through professional development lectures, courses, and workshops.
  2. Identify physician scientist role models within the Johns Hopkins community that can serve as mentors to female students in the MD-PhD program.
  3. Promote continual dialogue among women students and faculty through informal networking and social events.
  4. Foster a collegial and nurturing atmosphere in which female students can empower and support one another.
  5. Support increased recruitment of highly qualified female candidates into the MD-PhD training program.

Previous & Upcoming Events


8/16/15: AWSM Welcome Brunch


9/8/14: AWSM Business Meeting

10/15/14: Cheese and Fondue Dinner social event

11/02/14: MD-PhD Retreat Women’s Breakfast with Faculty Sponsor

11/11/14: Lunch with recent graduates Laura Wood and Erin Parry

11/19/14: AWSM-AMWA-GWEN Joint Leadership Series Workshop on Families, Medicine and Science

1/29/15: AWSM-AMWA-GWEN Joint Leadership Series Workshop on Negotiation

2/4/15: The Equality in Medicine Coalition Presents: Allies to Action

3/4/15: AWSM Happy Hour

4/15/15: AWSM-AMWA-GWEN Joint Leadership Series Workshop on Conflict Resolution

4/27/15: AWSM Happy Hour

5/14/15: Raising Families in Training

5/16/15: Southeast Symposium for MD-PhD Women in Science


9/10/13: Joint Social/Networking Event with University of Maryland MD-PhD Students

11/16/13:  student-hosted Thanksgiving Potluck

11/25/13: Joint Speaker Event with University of Maryland Women MD-PhD Students’ Association featuring Magali J. Fontaine MD PhD, Director of the Transfusion Service and Assistant Director of the University of Maryland Medical Center, at UMD

1/28/14: Lunch & work/life balance discussion with husband & wife Drs. Michael Levy and Kathleen Burns, MD-PhDs and faculty in neurology, genetics, pathology & oncology

2/3/14: Dinner with speaker Dr. Florence Haseltine, reproductive endocrinologist, women’s health and gender bias researcher, and former director of the Center for Population Research at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the NIH 

1/16/14: Enrollment of 4 female MD-PhD students in the Emerging Women’s Leadership Program course, offered through the Office of Women in Science and Medicine

3/12/14: AWSM Happy Hour in Fells Point with prospective students

3/17/14: Recruiting Visit to University of Washington, WA

7/10/14: Joint Screening of ‘Makers: Women Who Make America’ with University of Maryland Women MD-PhD Students’ Association


11/18/12: AWSM Wine Tasting trip to Mt. Airy vineyards

12/13/12: Joint Speaker event with University of Maryland Women MD-PhD Students’ Association featuring Dr. Cynthia Bearer, Chief of Neonatology at UMD

3/19/13:  AWSM Potluck Dinner with Dr. Janice Clements, Vice Dean for Faculty and Professor of Comparative Medicine, Neurology and Pathology

4/3/13: Recruiting Visit to Bryn Mawr College, PA

5/7/13: Joint Speaker event with University of Maryland Women MD-PhD Students’ Association featuring Drs. Carol Greider (Nobel Prize winner) and Mary Armanios, faculty members at Johns Hopkins in genetics, oncology, & molecular biology

5/18/13: Wine in the Woods social event, Columbia MD


Office of Women in Science & Medicine, JHMI

Hopkins AMWA chapter (under Activity Groups/Societies)

AMWA national website

Association for Women in Science (AWIS) national website

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