app_home3Applicants interested in the MD-PhD Program apply to The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Students should apply through AMCAS as described here. AMCAS is administered by the American Association of Medical Colleges. For further information, see Student, Applicant and Advisor Information on the AAMC website or call them at (202) 828-0600.

MCAT information: Applicants wishing to be considered for admission to the Fall 2018 MD-PhD Program must take the MCAT no later than September 10, 2017. The earliest MCAT accepted is 2014. Once the MCAT scores are received, the application will be processed.

Fall 2017 Schedule of Application Deadlines

Submission of Application October 16, 2017
Hopkins Secondary Application and Fee (see below) November 1, 2017 (absolute deadline)
Interview Dates September 13-14, 2017
September 27-28, 2017
October 4-5, 2017
October 18-19, 2017
November 8-9, 2017
December 6-7, 2017
December 13-14, 2017
January 10-11, 2018
All Decision Letters Mailed by Mid-February 2018
Second Look Weekend April 12-16, 2018

The deadline for submitting an application to AMCAS for the class entering in Fall 2018 is October 16, 2017. Completed secondary applications, letters of recommendation, and application fee must be received at Johns Hopkins no later than November 1, 2017. The secondary application fee for The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is $100. This fee is non-refundable and must be returned with the secondary application. The application fee will be waived for applicants who have received an AMCAS fee waiver.

The secondary application includes special instructions for applying to the MD-PhD Program. A minimum of two additional letters are required for all MD-PhD applicants. These letters should be from science faculty with whom you have done research. The letters may be part of the committee packet if your institution provides one. MD-PhD applicants should send all letters of recommendation via the AMCAS letter service. Any additional supplemental material (manuscripts, awards, etc.) pertaining to the MD-PhD application, not already included with the primary or secondary application, may be sent via mail to:

MD-PhD Program
c/o Martha Buntin
1830 E. Monument Street, Suite 2-300
Baltimore, MD 21205

The course prerequisites listed in the application apply to both MD and MD-PhD applicants. Please refer to the application for admission requirements and for detailed instructions. Admission requirements may be viewed here.

Admissions Process

admissions1All combined-degree applications are reviewed by a separate MD-PhD Review Committee. A separate Graduate School application is not necessary. The MD-PhD Committee determines whether or not an interview is indicated. This assessment is based on the applicant’s research experience, letters of recommendation, academic performance, and evidence of a commitment to medicine. The Committee considers standardized test scores only in the context of the applicant’s other credentials. If an interview is granted, the applicant is notified by the MD-PhD Office and the interview date, schedule and overnight accommodations are arranged.

Occasionally and in certain circumstances, an outstanding applicant who is not accepted into the MD-PhD Program may, upon recommendation of the MD-PhD Review Committee and consent of the student, be considered by the regular MD Admissions Committee. In these instances, the application is forwarded to the Medical School Admissions Office, and the applicant is notified.

Interview visits generally last for two days. Applicants are interviewed by members of the MD-PhD Committee and other faculty members who share their research interests. Applicants have many opportunities to meet with current students and tour the campus during their visit. To see a map of the campus, click here. For directions to the campus, click here.