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Department of MCP Seminar Series

Dr. Jeremy Foote

One hour seminars given by faculty throughout the institution and outside guest speakers dealing with naturally occurring diseases of animals that relate to medical research and human disease, and with animal models of human disease.


The seminar series takes place weekly in various rooms given by different faculty.  The time is the same though.  

Every Friday from 1pm - 2pm unless otherwise noted. 

09/06/2013Dr. Tori BaxterZoonotic Diseases - Ebola and moreMRB G-01
09/13/2013Dr. Jeremy FooteA Model of the Canine Immune SystemMRB G-01
09/20/2013Dr. Tori Baxter Mountcastle - PCTB
09/27/2013Dr. Ellen SilbergeldChicken Antibiotics - Resistance in Bacteria from Human CaretakersMRB G-01
10/04/2013Dr. Gary SmithAnimal Disease Human Health and Well Being: Bioterrorism, Agroterrorism, and the Crystal Ball ProblemMRB G-01
10/11/2013Dr. Jeffrey PettisBee Colony Health - Diseases and Pesticides 
10/18/2013Dr. Katherine FeldmanOne Health Examples and the Health DepartmentTurner West Room
10/25/2013Dr. Rachel CohenAALAS Talk - Defining Alterations in Tryptophan Metabolism in Macques 15 Minutes; Review of most common Lab Animal Zoonotic Diseases in 40 minutesTurner West Room
11/01/2013  Turner West Room
11/08/2013Dr. LaTasha Crawford Turner West Room
11/15/2013Dr. Tori BaxterLab Animals, Neurological Sequelance in a Mouse Model of Alphavrius Encephalomylitis 
11/22/2013 No Seminar 
11/29/2013 No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday 
12/06/2013Dr. Greg Glass MRB 181
12/13/2013Dr. Caroine Garrett and Dr. Theresa Meade Turner West Room
12/20/2013 No Seminar 
12/28/2013 No Seminar 
01/03/2014Dr. Pete Otovic  
01/10/2014Dr. Meghan DavisRabies 



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