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Making a Gift

Your Gift Supports Research and Training in our Department

Virtually every major medical breakthrough derives from seminal discoveries in basic science laboratories. Every day at Johns Hopkins Medicine, scientists exercise exceptional creativity as they pursue answers to the most fundamental unsolved problems in biology, work that is the lifeblood of medical progress. The potential of basic research has never been greater. Yet despite this tremendous momentum, the future of basic research not only at Johns Hopkins but throughout the nation is threatened. Federal research funding for biomedical research, traditionally our primary source of support, has decreased at the same time scientific innovations have led to an ever-increasing demand for research grants nationwide.

Learn more about Dr.Strandberg and the Strandberg fund.

Support Research

Faculty scientists in our department conduct research in retrovirology (HIV), cardiovascular disease, cancer, infectious diseases and other areas. Your gift can support specific faculty or research areas

Support Training and Education

Faculty scientists in our department train PhD, MD, DVM/VMD scientists to conduct research and support diverse research areas. Your gift can support our veterinary scientist training programs, specific PhD training, education or support course development that reaches graduate students and postdocs throughout the Hopkins community.
Private philanthropy is our hope for the future.

From seed grants to endowments, gifts to underwrite the creative work of basic scientists at Johns Hopkins will have a tremendous impact. Philanthropic support has never been more critically important than it is today, nor has the potential return on investment been greater.

Giving Options

Unrestricted gifts, in any amount, allow us to direct gifts to areas of greatest need.

Directed Giving, in any amount, allows you to select an area of research or training, a lab or faculty member that you would like to support.

Examples of specific gifts that will help our department to fulfill its research and teaching missions include:

  • Histology Processor, e.g. VIP Tissue Tek COST: $50,000. This instruments processes tissues for microscopic evaluation.  It supports pathology for all of our  training and research initiatives, and collaborations with other departments and institutions.  Our current instrument is 12 years old and difficult to maintain.
  • Digital microscopy hardware, software.  e.g. Aperio Scanscope CS and Spectrum Information Management System.  COST: $100,000-$300,000.  This technology will provide web accessible virtual microscope slides for teaching, research consulting, and peer review, and offers morphometric, analytic, archiving and data management capabilities to support many research areas.
  • Training Endowment - support 3 years of graduate school training - from $100,000.
  • Endowed Chair - support a faculty position, to ensure that unique research and training in our department will continue to grow: from $2,500,000.

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Learn more about making a gift:

Contact: Sharon Molander
Address: JHU-SOM
                733 N. Broadway, MRB 811
                Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 410-955-3273 or 410-955-9770

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