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MCP Faculty and Research

Faculty in the Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology (formerly Comparative Medicine) have expertise in Comparative Medicine and Pathology, and in diverse areas of translational biomedical science.

M. Christine Zink, DVM, PhD, DACVPRetrovirology; Neuropathology
Robert Adams, DVM, DACLAMPrimatology, Retrovirology
Cory Brayton, DVM, DACLAM, DACVPGenetically Engineered Mice; Phenotyping; Pathology; Cancer; Infectious Disease
Janice Clements, PhDRetrovirology
Kathleen Gabrielson, DVM, PhD, DACVPToxicology; Pathology; Cancer; Cardiovascular Disease
Lucio Gama, PhDRetrovirology; Immunology
David Graham, PhDRetrovirology; Proteomics
David Huso,DVM, PhD, DACVPGenetically Engineered Mice, Pathology; Cancer
Eric Hutchinson, DVMComparative Medicine
Bak Karim, DVM, PhDToxicology; Pathology; Cancer
Zhaohao Liao, MDRetrovirology
Joseph Mankowski, DVM, PhD, DACVPRetrovirology; Neuropathology
Andrew McCallion, PhDGenetics of Development and Disease
Kelly A. Metcalf Pate, DVM, PhD, DACLAMRetrovirology; Labratory Animal Medicine
Sarah Poynton, PhDParasitology; Art as applied to Medicine
Dawn Ruben, DVMSurgery; Anesthesia
Polina Sysa, MDToxicology; Cancer; Cardiovascular Disease
Julie Watson, MA, VetMB, DACLAMRodent Biology; Envronmental influences on research
Kenneth W. Witwer, PhDRetrovirology

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