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Eric K. Hutchinson, D.V.M., DACLAM

Eric K. Hutchinson, D.V.M., DACLAM

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology
Director of Primate Medicine, Research Animal Resources

720 Rutland Ave, Ross 459
Baltimore MD 21205
(410) 955-3273 - Phone
(410) 502-5068 - Fax

Background and Training

Dr. Hutchinson studied English and Psychology at Georgetown University, then worked as an animal behavior and enrichment specialist at the NIH Division of Veterinary Resources for four years before attending veterinary school at Colorado State University.  At CSU, he worked as the enrichment coordinator for Laboratory Animal Resources and conducted research on the effects of typical cage enrichments on the physiology and behavior of mice.  He completed the laboratory animal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and became a diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine in 2012. 

Research Focus

Dr. Hutchinson’s primary research experience and interests are the behavioral and physiological consequences of laboratory environments for research animals, and how those may impact experiments.  He has ongoing projects examining the biological correlates and treatment of self-injurious behavior in rhesus macaques, testing pharmacologic and behavioral interventions to facilitate social introductions of nonhuman primates, and validating conventional and novel tests of animal well-being.  He has also conducted clinical research into the diagnosis and treatment of wasting syndrome in marmosets and chronic diarrhea in macaques.


Invited Talks





2010 2011

Responsible Conduct in Handling Laboratory Animals

MBRS-RISE Survival Skills Workshop

Morgan State University


Environmental Enrichment for Mice: Effect of  Early Cage Rearing

CSU Comparative Medicine Symposium

Colorado State University


Behavior and Environmental Enrichment of Nonhuman Primates

CSU Comparative Medicine Symposium

Colorado State University


A nonhuman primate model of self injurious behavior: characterization and successful pharmacological intervention

2012 Kennedy Krieger P01 Mini-Conference on Severe Abnormal Behaviors

Kennedy Krieger Institute


Behavior, the most confounding of variables

Laboratory Animal Science 2013

BioConference Live


Preparing for ACLAM Boards

CSU Comparative Medicine Symposium

Colorado State University

Research Opportunities:

Local undergraduate and veterinary students with an interest in Dr. Hutchinson’s research are encouraged to inquire about available projects and research opportunities