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Baktiar Karim, BVMS, Ph.D.


Background and Research Focus:
Baktiar Karim is originally from Kurdistan. He earned his veterinary degree at the University of Baghdad in Iraq, and his PhD from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Dr Karim's research focuses broadly on colon cancer formation, inhibition and prevention.  He is an expert on microsurgical orthotopic implantation for investigation of mechanisms of angiogenesis and metastasis in vivo. His other passions include cytopathologic characterization of  neoplastic and inflammatory disorders, with an emphasis on laboratory animals.

Selected Publications:
Nanda, A., Karim, B., Peng, Z., Liu, G., Qiu, W., Gan, C., Vogelstein, B., St Croix, B., Kinzler, KW., and Huso D.L. 2006. Tumor endothelial marker 1 (Tem1) functions in the growth and progression of abdominal tumors. Proc Natl Acad Sci 103(9):3351-3356.

Osthus, R.C., Karim, B., Prescott, J.E., Smith, D., McDevitt, M., Huso, D.L., and Dang C.V. 2005. The Myc Target Gene JPO1/CDCA7 Is Frequently Overexpressed in Human Tumors and Has Limited Transforming Activity In vivo. Cancer Research 65(13):5620-5627     

Qi, L., Strong, M.A., Karim, B.O., Huso, D.L., Greider C.W. 2005. Telomere fusion to chromosome breaks reduces oncogenic translocations and tumour formation. Nature Cell Biology 7:706-711

Karim, B.O., Landolfi, J.A., Christian, A. Ricart-Arbona, R., Qui, W., McAlonis, M., Eyabi, P.O., Khan, K.A., Dicello, J.F., Mann, J.F., and Huso, D.L. 2003. The estrous cycle and ovarian changes in a rat mammary carcinogenesis model following irradiation, Tamoxifen chemoprevention, and aging. Comparative Medicine 53: 520 – 526

Karim, B.O., Burroughs, F.H.,  Rosenthal, D.L., and Syed Z. A. 2002. Endometrial-type cells in cervico-vaginal smears: clinical significance and cytopathologic correlates. Diagnostic Cytopathology 26: 123 -127.


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