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Retrovirus Lab : Personnel Directory


Retrovirus Laboratory : Contact Info

Johns Hopkins University : School of Medicine    
Retrovirus Laboratory
733 N. Broadway, MRB 831
Baltimore, MD 21205
410-955-9770 - Main Phone
410-955-9823 - Fax

Lab Managers

Brandon Bullock & Suzanne Queen

Lab Administration

Laboratory Administrator
J. Woodland Pomeroy
410-955-9770 - Phone
Email Mr. Pomeroy


 NameLocationOffice PhoneEmail

 Clements, Janice

MRB 839410-955-9770Dr. Clements
 Gama, LucioMRB 809410-955-9770Dr. Gama
 Graham, DavidMRB 835410-955-9770Dr. Graham
 Liao, ZhaohaoMRB 833410-955-9770Dr. Liao
 Mankowski, JosephMRB 827410-955-9770Dr. Mankowski
 McCallion, AndrewRoss 459410-955-3273Dr. McCallion
 Metcalf Pate, KellyMRB 853410-955-9770Dr. Pate
 Witwer, KennethMRB 829410-955-9770Dr. Witwer
 Zink, ChrisMRB 819410-955-9770Dr. Zink

Grad Students

 NameLocationOffice PhoneEmail
 Avalos, ClaudiaMRB 820410-955-9770Ms. Avalos
 Croteau, JoshMRB 820410-955-9770Mr. Croteau
 Mangus, LisaMRB 840410-955-9770Dr. Mangus
 Muth, DillonMRB 820410-955-9770Dr. Muth
 Tharakan, RaviMRB 820410-955-9770Mr. Tharakan

Postdoctoral Fellows

NameLocationOffice PhoneEmail
 Beck, SarahMRB 853410-955-9770Dr. Beck
 Bora, AdrianaMRB 820410-955-9770Dr. Bora
 Williams, DionnaMRB 820410-955-9770Dr. Williams


 NameLocationOffice PhoneEmail
 Auerbach, AmandaMRB 832410-955-9770Ms. Auerbach
 Bullock, BrandonMRB 823410-955-9770Mr. Bullock
 Engle, ElizabethMRB 826410-955-9770Ms. Engle
 Forsyth, EllenMRB 820410-955-9770Ms. Forsyth
 Li, MingMRB 818410-955-9770Dr. Li
 Najarro, KevinMRB 820410-955-9770Mr. Najarro
 Ostrenga, LaurenMRB 832410-955-9770Ms. Ostrenga
 Pomeroy, WoodlandMRB 831410-955-9770Mr. Pomeroy
 Price, SarahMRB 820410-955-9770Ms. Price
 Queen, SuzanneMRB 823410-955-9770Ms. Queen
 Shirk, ErinMRB 840410-955-9770Ms. Shirk
 Ubaida Mohien, CeereenaMRB 820410-955-9770Dr. Ubaida Mohien
Weinberg, RachelMRB 820410-955-9770Ms. Weinberg

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