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Phenotyping Course Schedule 07

Phenotyping for Functional Genetics, ME:680.712 

3rd quarter/2nd semester: January 10- March 8, 2007;
Wednesday & Thursday 2:30pm  - 4:00pm
Room: BRB 801; Enrollment limited to 15.

Lecture 6, January 25, 2007

Cory Brayton, DVM, Diplomate ACLAM, ACVP
Director, Phenotyping Core
Associate Professor, Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

Anatomic Pathology for Mouse Phenotyping
PDF of the PPT presentation
PDF of our necropsy protocol
PDF of our necropsy form

Dawn Ruben, DVM, MS
Resident, Comparative Medicine, Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

Clinical Pathology for Mouse Phenotyping
PDF of Dr. Ruben's PPT presentation
PDF of Dr. Brayton's handout on hematology and differential evaluation
PDF of Ms. Forbes' handout on Hemavet and CBC recommendations
PDF of Dr. Ruben's handout of clinical chemistry recommendations

GO TO Pathology and other testing available through our Phenotyping Core.

Internet Resources

GO TO EMPRESS Phenotyping Platform
Clinical chemistry and haematology; Necropsy exam; etc.

GO TO NIH Virtual Mouse Necropsy

GO TO RENI Toxicologic Pathology Tissue trimming Guide

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