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Phenotyping Course Schedule 07

Phenotyping for Functional Genetics, ME:680.712 

3rd quarter/2nd semester: January 10- March 8, 2007;
Wednesday & Thursday 2:30pm  - 4:00pm
Room: BRB 801; Enrollment limited to 15.

Lecture 4, January 18, 2007

Roger Reeves, PhD
Professor, Department of Physiology, Institute of Genetic Medicine, JHUSOM

Faculty Director, JHUSOM Transgenic Core Facility

Making Mice, resources at and beyond JHU -- PDF of the PPT presentation

Go to JHU's Transgenic Core


Mouse/Gene Nomenclature

Search MGI for genes, markers, etc
(including current names, history, homologies, etc)

Search Jax IMSR for mice

JAX Mouse Phenome Database

MORE useful internet resources

Charles River (Crl) -- Find your mice

Harlan (Hsd, Ola) -- Find your mice

JAX (J) -- Find your mice

NCI Frederick (N, Cr) -- Find your mice

Taconic (Tac) -- Find your mice


BACPAC Resources Center repository for BAC libraries

Complex Trait Consortium

EMMA European Mouse Mutant Archive

EUCOMM European Condional Mouse Mutagenesis Program

International Mammalian Genome Society

JAX ES cell lines and strains of origin

JAX Festings information on inbred strains

JAX Lee Silver's MOUSE GENETICS on line

NIH/NCRR -- MMRRC Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers

NIH - TransNIH Mouse Initiatives

NIH -KOMP Knockout Mouse Project

NorCOMM North American Condional Mouse Mutagenesis Project

QTX software for Complex Trait Analysis


Additional References

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