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Phenotyping Course Schedule 07

Phenotyping for Functional Genetics, ME:680.712 

3rd quarter/2nd semester: January 10- March 8, 2007;
Wednesday & Thursday 2:30pm  - 4:00pm
Room: BRB 801; Enrollment limited to 15.

Lecture 2, Thursday Jan 11

Julie Watson, MA, VetMB, Diplomate ACLAM
Director, Rodent Medicine and Surgery Program
Associate Professor, Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

Basic Mouse Neurobehavioral Examination ('How to give a mouse a physical')
PDF of the powerpoint presentation

Go to RAR website for information on rodent health survillance, diagnostic testing, import/export, quarantine, fostering program, genotyping.


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For additional information, contact Dr. Brayton.

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