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Pathology for Phenotyping and Preclinical Research


Summary (PDF) of 2016 Anatomic and Clinical Pathology tests, fees, specimen information





 ANATOMIC PATHOLOGY    Mouse infarct mouse amyloid mouse lung AMP

Pathology Consulting
(diagnosis, analysis, further testing, manuscript, image assistance, including Photomicroscopy, scoring, summary evaluations, other special techniques for publication, presentation, grant preparation)
From $20/slide or
$200/hr after initial free consult (up to 1hr)
Slides or specimens can be evaluated on a limited basis until contract or grant collaboration is established.
Pathology by project - preclinical research, phenotyping,  testing (GLP, pre GLP)
Baseline (10 slide) + custom options
From $20/slide or $50 for partial necropsy after initial free consult (up to 1hr)
Available on a limited basis until contract or grant collaboration is established.
Necropsy - gross and histopathology report (<10 slides)From $100 + histologyHistology processing charged separately
Necropsy comprehensive baseline
Includes CBC, saved serum (if available), 10 slide histopathology per standard protocol (>40 tissues)
$200/mouseHistology processing charged separately
Perfusion (in lab)N Forbes or
Dr. Brayton
$50/hr or add $10 to cost of necropsyIncludes NBF or Bouins perfusion
Training is available
Special Pathology dissections, techniques, perfusion, trainingFrom $50/hr
($50 minimum)
Photography - whole animals, or specimens for publication, documentationFrom $50/hr
($50 minimum)
Stereomicroscopy to 10x + macro - Please specify digital format and size
Radiography - Hi resolution
[Faxitron® Minr2000 or MX-20 film
From $50/hr +
Whole animals, or specimens
MCP Histology
(glass slides & staining)
Pat WilcoxVariesMore MCP histo Information and costs
Digital Slide ScanningJH Oncology Tissue ServicesVaries

Tissue Microarray 

JH Oncology Tissue ServicesVaries
ImmunohistochemistryJH Oncology Tissue ServicesVaries

Summary (PDF) of 2016 Anatomic and Clinical Pathology tests, fees, specimen information

Contact for budgeting large projects or grants, as costs vary with special requests or reagent costs. 


 See belowSpecimens* or live mice - concurrent controls are recommended
Bleeding, special specimen handling, trainingNadine Forbes McBeanFrom $15/mouse
Includes in lab tubes, disposables

Cytology / hematology staining - (DifQuik Modified Wrights, other options by request)

Nadine Forbes McBean$10/slideContact us BEFORE submission
Cytology evaluation - blood (manual differential), bone, marrow, effusions, urine; touch prepsDr. Brayton & alFrom $20 per stained slide
Contact us BEFORE submission.  
Available on a limited basis until contract or grant collaboration is established.
Cytospin (cytocentrifugation of cellular fluids)
NO Hazardous specimens permitted
NO Biohazards, NO radio isotopes
Nadine Forbes McBean$10/slide
$50/hr + disposables

Contact us BEFORE submission.
Staining, evaluation are additional cost.

Hematology/CBC with Smear/film (unstained)
[Hemavet 950 (Drew Scientific)]
Clinical Pathology SUBMISSION FORM
Nadine Forbes McBean
50ul whole blood * concurrent controls recommended
See 2016 test Summary PDF
Clinical Chemistry
™ (Alfa Wassermann)]
(ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, CA, CHOL, CK, CR, GGT, GLU, HDL, LDH, LDL, TP, TRG, electrolytes etc)
Clinical Pathology SUBMISSION FORM
Nadine Forbes McBean
From $6
(+ $10 to separate serum or plasma from whole blood specimens)
Serum or plasma *
at least 60 ul
concurrent controls recommended
See 2016 test Summary PDF
[Accuchek® or OneTouch®]
Nadine Forbes McBean$20/mouse or $50/hr + $3/strip~10ul whole blood. Cage side with concurrent controls recommended.
Contact us for scheduling, training.
Urinalysis (Specific gravity by refractometer; glucose, protein, blood by dipstick; sediment by cytospin, microscopy)
Clinical Pathology SUBMISSION FORM
Nadine Forbes McBean$5-$2550-100ul for most tests.
See 2016 test Summary PDF
Pathogen Testing  of animals and biological materials (Serology, Parasitology, Microbiology, PCR)
Additional rodent services: Breeding, Genotyping, fostering, special procedures
Contact RAR regarding ill mice or other clinical problems

More test options (auditory, behavioral, imaging, metabolic, respiratory) at the in vivo test site

*  Optimal specimen procurement, preparation and submission is CRITICAL to achieving valid clinical pathology results.  
Consult the  2016 test Summary PDF for test and specimen information.  
Contact Nadine Forbes McBean for additional information and assistance in procuring, handling and submitting specimens.
As of April 1, 2017 all service requests must be made via the iLAB site

  • Laboratory hours normally are 9am- 5pm on JHUSOM work days.  Specimens should be in the lab before 4pm.  
  • Large/batch submissions should be scheduled in advance with Nadine Forbes McBean.
  • Notices for holiday schedules or other scheduled work interruptions are normally sent well in advance, and posted in the lab.  Contact Nadine Forbes McBean to be added to the mailing list.
  • Insufficient or clotted blood specimen, or other poor quality submissions, may be declined for testing because they may damage our equipment, as well as yield misleading results.  
  • Hazardous specimens (biohazards, chemical hazards, radioactive) can not be accepted.
  • Anatomic Pathology submissions handled as teaching training cases involve DVM trainees in pathology in our department (MCP).  All cases are supervised, evaluated and reported by an ACVP board certified veterinary pathologist, in communication with the investigator / submitter.  Participation of research personnel is encouraged.  Glass slides and paraffin blocks normally are retained by MCP, but are available by request.
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