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Phenotyping and Comparative Pathology Slide Conference

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Hosted by the Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology, this is an informal monthly slide conference that emphasizes recent interesting phenotyping and comparative pathology cases, and provides a friendly and educational venue for colleagues within and outside of the JHU community to present and discuss cases.

Date: usually the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of each month. Date confirmation will be sent to interested individuals approximately 10 days in advance.

Contact Dr. Brayton to receive email notifications):

Tuesday September 16, 2008
Tuesday October 21, 2008

Tuesday November 25, 2008
Tuesday December 16, 2008

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm.
Room: 801 BRB; 733 North Broadway; Baltimore, MD 21205

We apologize for not keeping this site up to date, due to software upgrades.

Recent 2008 Conferences:
August 26; July 29; June 24; May 27; April 22; March 18

February 20, 2008 (post symposium Aperio virtual slide conference)

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (Tg, B6C3) with posterior paresis - Disseminated lymphoma leukemia, vertebra, spinal canal, muscle (also spleen, liver, thymus, lymph nodes)

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (tm, IL10 ) with posterior paresis - Histiocytic sarcoma, vertebra, spinal canal, muscle

Dr. Singh - Mouse (tm, Er2a ) Ovaries, testes, subfertile phenotype

Dr, Sebastian - Cat - kidney - Melamine toxicity

Dr. Simons - Mouse (tm, B6,129) - Kidneys congenital renal cysts

Dr. Simons - Mouse - liver - tumors

Dr.'s Shaw, Brayton - LE rat - femur - endosteal bone proliferation

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Tg rat - Eyes - congenital cataracts

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (NOD SCID IL-2R g tm) bacteremia, SFB

Dr.'s Lelly, Montali - Mouse (tm Rag1) - Skin - Hyperkeratosis Acanthosis bacteria cw C bovis (HAC)

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (tm Rag1, etc ) - Kidney - diffuse intranuclear inclusion bodies

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (tm, B6,129 ) Rectum, colon - nematode larvae, flagellate protozoa

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (tm, B6,129 ) decalcified head - otitis, rhinitis, fibroosseous lesion, PAS + 'tauopathy'

Dr.'s Bailey, Brayton - Mouse (tm, B6,129 ) decalcified head - Mast cell tumor, nasal 'amyloidosis'

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (+/+, B6,129 ) decalcified head - Pituitary tumor

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (ICR (CD1) sentinel) decalcified head - malacia / infarct

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (tm, B6,129) decalcified head - arteritis polyarteritis, periarteritis

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (?? F) heart - left atrial thrombus, 'cardiomyopathy'

Dr.'s Gluckman, Brayton - Mouse (nu/nu ) salivary glands, intestine - amyloidosis

Dr.'s Tembley, Brayton - Mouse (Tg ?) Lung - primary lung carcinoma + metastasis

Dr.'s Simon, Brayton - LE rat - heart - myocyte degneration loss fibrosis mineralization (cardiomyopathy)

Dr.'s Simon, Brayton - LE rat - kidney- tubule degeneration loss regeneration, interstitial fibrosis inflammation; glomerulosclerosis (nephropathy)

Dr.'s Simon, Brayton - 'wild' mouse - kidney- klossiellosis

January 15, 2008

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (Tg, B6C3) with posterior paresis - Disseminated lymphoma leukemia, vertebra, spinal canal, muscle (also spleen, liver, thymus, lymph nodes)

Dr. Montali - Rabbit - Mandible bacterial osteomyelitis, with Splendore Hoeppli

Dr. Southard - Rat (LE) - heart sarcoma, r/o schwannoma

Dr. Southard - Rat (LE)- skin, keratoacanthoma, squamous cell carcinoma

Dr.'s Shaw, Montali - Carpet Python - CNS Etc tissues Intranuclear Inclusion Bodies, possibly paramyxovirus

Dr.'s Shaw, Montali - Snowy Owl - Liver Kidney schizonts, avian malaria, P relictum

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (Tg, B6C3) - Amyloidosis, parotid glands, liver, spleen, intestine

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Mouse (Tg, B6C3) - Liver hepatoblastoma

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - mouse (IL10 tm) - otitis media, laryngotracheitis

November 27, 2007

Dr.'s Schultz, Poynton, Montali - Octopus - Branchitis, Icthyobodo spp.

Dr.'s Shaw, Montali - Sheepshead minnow - myxosporidiosis, spinal cord

Dr.'s Southard, Montali, Brayton - Beta fish - iridophoroma

Dr. Karim - Ray coelom mass FNA - neoplasia, epithelial

Dr. Pierce - Llama - Spinal cord nematodes consistent with P tenuis

Dr.'s Pierce, Kelley - Ox - Rabies

Dr.'s Schultz, Montali - Macaca silenus - odontogenic neoplasm

Dr. Simons - WT for conditional mutant mouse on mixed background - multiple intestinal adenomas

October 23, 2007

Dr.'s Schultz, Brayton - NZW rabbit - Trachea CARbacillus; Pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, Gram negative bacteria, r/o pasteurellosis

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - tm and C57BL/6? mice - hepatitis, splenitis, typhlitis, otitis, encephalitis; Salmonellosis, etc

Dr.'s Kelley, Karim - C57BL/6? mice - Sarcoma, toe; histiocytic sarcoma, liver

Dr.'s Kelley, Huso - Chinchilla - Pyelonephritis with Candida tropicalis isolated; Diabetes mellitus?

Dr.'s Schultz, Montali - Macaca silenus - nephropblastoma

Dr.'s Simons, Montali - Degu - Chronic glomerulonephritis nephropathy; Pancreatic insular amyloidosis, Diabetes mellitus

Dr. Simons - rat - Chronic nephropathy, glomerulonephritis

Dr.'s Simons, Montali - Fruit bat - Renal coccidiosis, cw Klossiella spp

Dr.'s Simons, Montali - Ferret - vasculitis perivasculitis, cw FIP-like Coronavirus

September 18, 2007

Dr.'s Brayton, Montali, Manasse - Budgerigars, etc psittacines - Macrorhabdus ornithogaster, a filamentous yeast (formerly megabacteriosis); in ventriculus-proventriculus, intestine; kaolin disruption, ulceration, inflammation

Dr.'s Southard, Karim, Brayton - tm mice - Leukemia, lymphomas, circulating blasts, marrow and spleen involvement, solid tumors

Dr. Bunte - mouse - Demodex muris

Dr. Pierce - Cat - Tularemia in pet cat from MD

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - tm mice - Skin, sarcomas

Dr.'s Pisharath, Brayton - Zebrafish - Gut - Pseudocapillaria tomentosa

Dr.'s Kelley, Montali - Fish, Grunt -- Ectopic Thyroid, heart, gills

Dr. Shaw -- Dog, Rhodesian ridgeback -- effusion cytology, lung, liver, marrow -- malignant histiocytosis / histiocytic sarcoma

Dr. Montali - Dog, Yorkshire terrier - melanoma

August 21, 2007

Dr.'s Manasse, Brayton - marmoset - Zygomycosis, mycotic gastritis, enteritis

Dr.'s Manasse, Brayton - marmoset - Amyloidosis, spleen, liver, kidneys, adrenal, intestine, stomach, ovary

Dr. Simons - mouse - model of Barret's esophagus

Dr. Simons - Tg mouse - Medulloblastoma

Dr.'s Pate, Southard - Tg mouse - Rhabdomyosarcoma

Dr.'s Mangus, Brayton - ICR mouse - ~ 5mo generalized lymphoma

Dr.'s Brice, Brayton - ICR mouse - ~ 5mo Astrocytoma

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - B6,129 ++ mouse - Pituitary adenoma

Dr. Pierce - Rooster - Knemicocoptes mutans, hyperkeratosis + acariasis

Dr. Pierce - Cat - Pneumonia, abscesses, pyothorax, 3+ Moraxella sp isolated

Dr. Pierce - mini foal - Pneumonia, abscesses, Rhodococcus equi isolated

Dr. Montali - Chicken - Fowl pox, Bollinger bodies

Dr. Montali - Hamster - Flank gland melanocytoma

July Slide conference canceled due to
CL Davis phenotyping conference in Madison WI

June 26, 2007

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - mouse - enteritis, ileitis, villus shortening, fusion, syncytia, MHV NEG colony

Dr. Pierce - dog - Chemodectoma, heart base tumor in Eng Bull dog

Dr. Murtazina - mice - induced IBD Inflammatory/proliferative bowel disease) B6 model

Dr.'s Kelly, Trembley, Brayton - Xenopus - mycobacteriosis; spleen, liver, kidney, lung necrosis with many Gram POS, AFB

Dr.'s Almeida, Convers - mice - M ulcerans arthritis, pododermatitis

Dr. Montali - Ferret - necrotizing-pyogranulomatous mesenteric lymphadenititis, r/o FIP-like ferret coronavirus

Dr.'s Kelly, Montali, Brayton - mouse -- HAC (hyperkeratosis associated coryneform) bacteria in skin, ear canals of immunodeficient, haired mice

Dr. Montali - cat - gastritis, with abundant helical bacteria in mucosa

May 15, 2007

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - mouse - brain abscesses + otitis

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - mouse - oxyuriasis; Aspiculuris with larvae in distal colon/rectum mucosa, gravid females in proximal colon; flagellate protozoa

Dr.'s Kelly, Trembley, Brayton - Xenopus - mycobacteriosis; spleen, liver, kidney, lung necrosis with many AFB; intravascular AFB

Dr. Southard - poison dart frog -- renal cysts + nephritis

Dr. Southard - finch - encephalitis, perivascular (r/o viral)

Dr. Brayton - rat - glioblastoma multiforme v histiocytic sarcoma

Dr. Montali - hamster - flank glands

April 17, 2007

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - mouse - Left atrial/auricular thrombus, LV dilatation (cardiomyopathy)

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - mouse - periarteritis, polyarteritis, heart, mesentery, pancreas

Dr. Klinkenberg -- Guinea pig -- Wild type and mutant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Dr. Klinkenberg -- Skh mice -- Mycobacterium tuberculosis in subcutaneous hollow fiber

Dr.'s Southard, Brayton - Skh hairless mouse - haired skin, intestinal amyloidosis, mucometra

Dr. Simons - tg mice - rhabdomyosarcoma

Dr. Simons - mice - naphthalene toxicity

Dr. Montali - Cat - Post vaccinal Sarcoma

Dr. Montali - Budgerigar - Cutaneus xanthoma

March Conference canceled due to Phenotyping Symposium March 20

February 20, 2007

Dr.'s Montali, Brayton, Cooper -Hamster - epitheliotropic lymphoma, Demodex aurati, D criceti

Dr.'s Montali & Lorenzo -Anaconda - Entamoeba invadens

Dr.s Mankowski & Schultz - Dog - bronchiolitis obliterans, obstructive pneumonia

Dr. Karim - Mice - colon crypt dysplasia

Dr. Simons - Mouse (nu/nu) - Glomerulonpehritis vs amyloidosis, lymphoplasmacytic interstitial inflammation; adrenal subcapsular cell proliferation; adrenal ceroid lipofuscin deposition

Dr. Brayton - Mice (Tm) - Vertebral osteopenia, fracture callus; nasal turbinate fibrous osteodystrophy

Dr. Brayton - Mouse (129 background) - cervical spine, brain stem, neoplasm, meningioma

Dr. Brayton - Mouse (129 background) - coronary arteritis, periarteritis

Dr. Brayton - Mouse (BALB/c) - RVFW epicardial mineralization (dystrophic cardiac calcinosis)

Dr. Brayton - Mouse (IL10 tm) - Right auricular/atrial thrombus

January 2007

Dr. Montali ferrret CDV morbillivirus, hardpad-like lesion

Dr. Pisharath Tg zebrafish pancreatic neoplasia

Dr. Convers Guinea pig tuberculosis

Dr. Simons mice genetically-induced proliferative skin lesions

Dr. Simons mice lung adenoma

Dr. Southard mouse histiocytic inflammation

Dr. Southard rat brain tumor GBM

Dr. Brayton dog meningioma

Dr. Brayton mouse medulloblastoma

November, December 2006

Dr. Southard Mice Vestibular syndrome and brainstem lesions

Dr. Montali Xenopus Renal intranuclear inclusion bodies

Dr. Montali Rabbit endometrial carcinoma

Dr. Brayton Mice spontaneous brain lesions, tauopathy, mineralization

Dr. Brayton Mice otitis media -- Bordetella avium isolated

Dr. Simons Mice genetically-induced proliferative skin lesions

Dr. Karim Rat mammary tumors FNA cytology

Dr. Southard Mouse intracranial mammary tissue in compatible with hamartoma

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