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Registration for Pheno Typing Symposium

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JHU Phenotyping Core


Please provide information as specifically and completely as possible.
To schedule/coordinate testing
REQUIRED when tests are requested.
What you/your group call these mice.
Names and sources of relevant control mice to be tested at the same time
Are these MGI or IMSR registered names?
(include substrains, N and F generations if known)
(Use current Gene/Locus names please, per MGI)
Is the mouse/mutation information in the JHMI GEM Database? (no charge)
Where were the mice born?
Are the mice known or expected to be:
(Include any manipulations, bleeding, testing, special diets, treatments, unusual observations)
This information can be especially relevant to behavioral phenotypes.
Contact regarding special requests
Fields marked with  « are required.

Follow this link for pricing and additional test information (in a new window).

Contact us regarding phenotyping at JHU.

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