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Registration for Pheno Typing Symposium

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JHU Phenotyping Core

JHU GEM data submission SITE

The site and information are intended for JH use to inform colleagues about Genetically Engineered (or spontaneous mutant) mice (GEM) available in the JHMI community, to provide assistance with nomenclature, surveillance and husbandry information for publication, peer review and grant submission, and to facilitate access to testing and collaboration.


The remaining queries aim to provide information that will facilitate comparison with other experimental conditions, and to provide information that may be requested in manuscript, grant or other peer review procedures. 

Once submitted, we aim to have data uploaded to the JHMI GEM site within 2 weeks.

Please contact if you have any questions.

What you/your group call these mice.
(Use current gene/locus names per MGI at
(include substrains, N and F generations if known)
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
OPTIONAL - For potential collaborations involving these mice
[ ] [ ]
Please include lab code if known
> 20 (F) generations of brother sister mating
[ ] [ ]
> 10 (N) generations, backrossed to recipient strain
[ ] [ ]
Approximate number of F, N or random breeding generations
Select all applicable. Hold 'Control' and click to select multiple.
If you selected 'Other' above.
Please include known or suspected immune deficiencies, skewed sex ratioes in litters, unusual sizes or numbers of pups in litters.
This information will NOT be posted in the database, but will help us to provide information to you about pathogen status and husbandry.
Please indicate any positive results (virus, bacteria, parasites) for this room, and any treatments (e.g. fenbendazole, ivermectin, antibiotic) that the mice received in the last 6 months
Select any/all applicable. Hold 'Control' and click to select multiple.
Select any/all applicable. Hold 'Control' and click to select multiple.
Select any/all applicable. Hold 'Control' and click to select multiple.
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(if you selected 'Other' above; please include any special practices that are required to maintain or breed these mice)
Fields marked with "«" are required.   

Given the facility and room number, we can provide submitters with the current pathogen status and standard husbandry information (caging diet water bedding). 

Contact us regarding phenotyping at JHU.

Follow this link for test information and pricing (in a new window).

Contact us regarding any problems with or questions about this form.

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