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Phenotyping (and Pathology) Core

Based in The Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology Emphasizing Expertise in Comparative Pathobiology and Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Translational Science

Pit tumor


The Phenotyping Core promotes functional genomics and other preclinical translational science at Johns Hopkins, by assisting and collaborating in the characterization and use of genetically and phenotypically relevant animal models of disease and gene function, by:
  1. Research pathology support and collaboration, including anatomic pathology (macroscopic dysmorphology and histopathology), and clinical pathology,

  2. Training and education in animal model pathobiology, evaluation techniques, phenotyping strategies, especially for genetically engineered mice (GEM).

  3. Coordinating diverse JHMI resources in multidisciplinary translational science (team science), especially in areas relevant to GEM phenotyping.


Spine Lymphoma
Mouse estrogenized marrow
Mouse decal femur marrow


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