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Repro-gynecol, non-infectious, Macaque endometriosis (Walker, Shaw)
Repro-obstetrics, non-infectious, GP pregnancy toxemia (Walker, Brennan)
Respiratory-bacteria/fungal, NHP tuberculosis (Lorenzo, Brennan)
Urinary-Parasitic/viral, Canine visceral leishmaniasis (Cooper, Schultz)
Urinary-Non-infectious, Rat CPN-nephropathy (Martino-Cardona, Trembley)
Urinary-Neoplastic, Swine nephroblastoma (Cooper, Schultz)
GI-bowel-bacterial/fungal, Macaque-campylobacter (Martino-Cardona, Simons)
GI-bowel-viral/parasitol, Mouse pinworms (Pate, Shaw)
GI-Liver/GB-bact/fungal, Mouse-Tyzzer's dz or Helicobacter (Gluckman, Kelly-Brennan)
GI-Liver/GB-non-infectious and neoplastic, Dog-Copper assoc. hepatitis and Mouse-hepatic neoplasia/strain diff. (Martino-Cardona, Trembley)
Neuro-Non-infectious, Dog-storage diseases-breed suscep. (Cooper, Trembley)
Neuro-viral/parasitol, Macaque-simian immunodef virus (Walker, Brennan)
Endoocrine-infectious, non-infectious, neoplastic (Martino-Cardona, Shaw)
Derm-non-infectious, Dog-pemphigus vulgaris and Derm-neoplastic, Dog or cat-mast cell tumor (Cooper, Schultz)

Macaque_blindness presentation, chart (Cooper, Trembley)
Horse_ataxia presentation, chart (Ruben, Brice)
Sheep_abortion presentation, chart (Gluckman, Brice)
Cat_hematuria/stranguria presentationchart (Ruben, Southard)
Deer_wasting presentationchart (Ruben, Trembley)
Cat_vomiting presentationchart (Bailey, Southard)
Bovine_jaundice presentationchart (Cooper, Trembley)
Rabbit_anorexia presentation, chart (Lorenzo, Helke)
Guinea Pig_paralysis/paresis presentation, chart (Cooper, Schultz)
Mouse_loss of phenotype presentation, chart (Pisharath, Simons)
Squirrel Monkey Recumbency presentation, chart (Cooper)
Mice hair loss/skin problem presentation, chart (Lorenzo, Southard)
Dog Polyuria/Polydypsia, chart (Ruben, Brice)
Rhesus macaque vaginal discharge presentation, chart (Gluckman, Southard)
Fluffed up mouse presentation, chart (Lorenzo, Southard)
Macaque edema presentation, chart (Cooper, Southard)
Macaque Obesity presentation part 1, part 2, chart (Cooper, Schultz)
Macaque seizures presentation, chart (Lorenzo, Trembley)
Dog lameness/swollen joint presentation part 1, part 2, chart (Gluckman, Schultz)