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A Letter from Alfred Blalock, M.D.

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December 15, 1950


Miss Esther B. Crampton
3507 North Charles Street
Baltimore 18, Maryland


Dear Miss Crampton:

            Mrs. Blalock told me of your telephone conversation regarding a portrait of Anna and the purpose of this letter is simply to thank you and to give our consent for having this portrait made. It was very nice of you to think of this and I appreciate it very much. Anna is so playful that I am afraid the portrait painter will succumb to nervous exhaustion before completing the work. It occurred to me that some of the pictures of Anna published in the Sunpapers or in Life magazine might serve as a text for the portrait painter and that it might not be necessary to have other pictures made.

            My preference as to the place for hanging the portrait would be on Halsted 3 where the children who have various heart operations are housed. I am sure they would derive a lot of pleasure from the portrait.

            Allow me to take this opportunity to tell you how superb I thought you to be in the television broadcast shortly before election day. I am sure that your testimony had a lot to do with the overwhelming vote for our side.

            With many thanks, I am

                                                               Sincerely yours,

                                                               Alfred Blalock, M.D.