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Comparative Medicine


Comparative Medicine  faculty, fellows, and residents trained in Laboratory Animal Medicine, participate actively in Research Animal Resources (RAR)   to support clinical care of research animals at the Johns Hopkins University. Clinical veterinarians on call are responsible for all medical or surgical cases. In addition to clinical service,  these veterinarians conduct and collaborate in research within and outside the department. 


MCP comparative medicine faculty are specialty board certified in the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM).  They support, conduct and collaborate in diverse translational biomedical science at JHU.

Robert J. Adams, DVM, Diplomate, ACLAM

Associate Provost
Attending veterinarian, Johns Hopkins
More than 35 years of laboratory animal medicine experience
Clinical expertise: Medicine and surgery
Research interests: Primate infectious diseases, including measles, SIV

Cory Brayton, DVM, Diplomate, ACLAM, Diplomate,  ACVP

Associate Professor
Director, Phenotyping Core
More than 20 years experience in comparative medicine and pathology
Pathology Expertise: Genetically engineered mice and other models
Research Interests: Genetic (and epigenetic) mechanisms of aging, cancer, infectious disease, cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal, neurologic disease

Julie Watson, DVM, Diplomate, ACLAM

Associate Professor
More than 15 years of laboratory animal medicine experience
Clinical expertise: Rodent medicine and surgery
Research interests: Rodent infectious disease epidemiology, including TMEV, pinworms and Helicobacter sp. an impact of environmental factors on research.

Caroline Garret, DVM, Diplomate, ACLAM

Years of service: 6 years of laboratory animal medicine experience
Clinical expertise: Large animal modeling, surgery, biomedical device testing, protocol design and development
Research Interests: Pathogenesis and treatment of chronic surgical implant-associated infections; transgenic non-human primate development, refinement of anesthetic, analgesic and operating room procedures

Kelly Metcalf Pate, DVM, PhD, Diplomate, ACLAM

Years of service: 8 years of laboratory animal medicine experience
Clinical expertise: Nonhuman primate and rodent models of HIV infection; Humanized mouse models
Research Interests: Platelet biology and immunology, especially in viral infection (HIV, CMV); The effect of physiologic stress on the innate immune response; Development of novel assays for the measurement of latent viral reservoirs; Refinement and replacement of animal models for infectious disease research.